Sep 22, 2018: Basics Seminar with Erik Calderon in Arlington, TX

Sep 22, 2018: Basics Seminar with Erik Calderon in Arlington, TXFrom: Erik Calderon posted on 24. Aug 2018, 08:44pmURL: September 22, 2018 Arlington Aikido will be hosting a special Aikido Basics Seminar with Erik Sasha Calderon, 4th dan. After training in Japan, Calderon Sensei moved back to Houston and founded the Dojo ShinKikan. He […]

Aug 18, 2018: Keganin No Senshi Aikido Train-the-Trainers Workshop

Aug 18, 2018: Keganin No Senshi Aikido Train-the-Trainers WorkshopFrom: Frances Welson posted on 29. Jul 2018, 11:37amURL: http:// Keganin No Senshi Aikido (KNSA) Train-the-Trainers workshop in Baltimore on 18 August. This workshop was developed for aikidoka interested in working with veterans. Military service members; veterans and their families; Veterans Administration staff; therapists and counselors; and […]

Seminar In Mesa Arizona

Grappling Seminar At Mesa Affiliate Dojo We will be holding a grappling seminar in Mesa, Arizona in September. There will be multiple affiliate schools joining us for the seminar. Schools from Arizona, Colorado, California, and Washington will be representing and in attendance. Myself and four other professors will be teaching various grappling techniques from different […]

Professor Matt Barton Retires

Third Degree Black Belt – Professor Matt Barton Retires Competitive Jiu Jitsu is definitely a young mans game, the old school cats will still compete in the Masters series but the days of high level competition has passed after the age of 29. When you hit your 30’s there are still great matches to be […]

New Cargo Van Gets Detailed At Oklahoma Dojo

New Cargo Van At Oklahoma Dojo To Shuttle Students Good evening brothers and sisters. We are excited to announce that we have purchased a new cargo van for our Oklahoma Dojo. The class has grown so much in the last two years that we have now purchased a van. A few months back the Dojo […]

Young Kip Needs A Bone Marrow Donor Match

Help From The Dojo – Bone Marrow Donor Match Needed A young student at an affiliate Dojo is in need of a bone marrow transplant and your help is needed. A fellow martial arts practitioner and young fan of MMA is in need of an exact match bone marrow donor. Young Kip started his martial […]