How A SEO Friendly Website Design Can Help in Ranking?

While developing a website, one should remember that making a website SEO friendly means making it convenient for Google and other search engines to crawl the website’s pages efficiently, correctly interpret the content, and index it to their database. A good SEO strategy like those given by the Arizona SEO agency pays a lot of attention to website design. It has an SEO team working on the website design exclusively. 

Notes On How To Develop An SEO Friendly Website :

Here are a few takeaway pointers on developing an SEO-friendly website by an Arizona SEO agency.

1. Your website content must target valuable keywords: Keywords play a vital role in determining the ranking of a website and the visibility of its content.

  • Using relevant keywords in your content makes it easier for the search engine to understand the relevance of your website and hence place them at a higher ranking on the search results page. 
  • So before fixing a keyword, proper research needs to be done, and you should list the most relevant keywords in your field.
  • You must focus on long-tail keywords to help attract valuable traffic and thereby improve the reach. 

2. Consider using proper headers while writing the website content: Header tags are headings used to designate a particular topic in a website. Using optimized header tags helps the search engines to understand your website in a better way. While optimizing headers, you must incorporate the most important keyword of your website and remember that the purpose of using headers is to make the content easily digestible for the viewers. 

3. Create a responsive design to connect with mobile users: Responsive design is a vital factor that one should not ignore to ensure the success of your website. Quality cannot reach the masses if all devices cannot access it. Responsive designs allow the websites to adapt to mobile phones, laptops, or tablets and operate accordingly. Creating a responsive design would prevent the users from exiting the website too soon. 

4. Focus on internal linking for search engines to crawl and index your website: Internal linking of websites means linking all the quality websites so that Google can discover these pages and index them while ranking your website. Also, if you are using internal linking, you must make sure that you link sites that are connected and relevant to the current topic.

5. Boost site clicks by optimizing meta descriptions of the website: Meta descriptions are the small paragraph below the title of the page, which gives you an insight into what you can expect. The meta description shows 150 characters, so you must utilize it correctly to earn more clicks and traffic. 

6. Ensure your site is readable: There will be no use in having quality content if the users don’t read it. Having a proper website design creates a positive first impression. To have good reliability, you must ensure appropriate spacing between the letters, correct font size so that readers don’t have to zoom in and make sure that the length of the website is not too long or boring. 


These were some of the crucial tips, and with the help of the professionals from Tempe SEO company, you can develop a high-quality, SEO-friendly website design. All the best for your venture!