What is jiu-jitsu

It’s a combination of martial arts, self-defense techniques, and combat sports systems. The primary purpose of this gentle art is to control the opponent with various methods. It’s another type of ground fighting that involves grappling. 

Besides, it’s a popular Brazilian martial art which was originated from Kodokan judo and the ground fighting techniques that were performed in that art. The essential element of this fighting art is the ground game. 

Additionally, various techniques are used in this martial art, such as joint locking techniques and chokes. By using both techniques, it’s easier to slow down and submit the opponent. 

BJJ clarifies that if a person is smaller, weaker, and wants to win against a larger opponent, then he can use takedowns, joint manipulation techniques, and chokes to take the fight to the ground and submit the larger opponent. 

Furthermore, there are many BJJ institutes available that provide specialized training to people so that they can quickly learn self-dense. The two significant elements of this training include practicing technique and live drilling (rolling). 

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

History of jiu-jitsu 

The name Jiu-Jitsuis derived from Romanization where it was named as jujutsu. In Japan, it was also called Kano jiu-jitsu, but at that time, most martial artists were not aware of this art. 

Geo Omori was the first person to open the Jiu-Jitsu school in Brazil. In that school, he taught two people this fantastic art which was Luiz França, and later, Mitsuyo Maeda. Not only did his students demonstrate these techniques in Brazil, but he also traveled overseas to demonstrate this art in different countries. 

On November 14, 1914, this art was given the official name, and many schools were opened during that time. Besides, not only did it become a popular martial art, but it was taught to different people all over the world for self-defense. 

Main Positions of jiu-jitsu 

Nowadays, you’ll find many positions in this art, but the leading five positions are mentioned below. 

Side Control: It is an essential position because here, you can control the opponent, and position your self to submit him. This position is also known as side mount because here, elbows, shoulders, and knees can be controlled as you mount from the side.  

Full Mount: It’s the strongest position in jiu-jitsu. The best thing about this position is that you can easily control your opponent by putting pressure on his chest and hips. Submissions from the full mount are almost guaranteed. 

Back Mount: It is known as the most dominant position in BJJ because here, you can use your legs and wrap them around the opponent. The arms control the upper body in this position, and pressure is put on the neck and other body parts. Basically, it’s a mixture of side control and full mount. 

North-South Position: This technique is applied by expert players and is one of the best BJJ techniques that you can use. Besides, not only is it one of the best positions, but it also opens up opportunities for different submissions. Also, this technique is applied on the front side, where most of the pressure is put on the chest.

Jiu-Jitsu as a Sport

Jiu-Jitsu is an evolving sport that has become more popular than ever. Mixed Martial Arts have embraced this art as the go-to art in the ground game. Combined with techniques from American Wrestling, Russian Sambo, and other grappling arts, MMA fighters that train BJJ become dominant in the Octagon. 

Final verdict 

Jiu-jitsu is the best form of martial arts and has been used all over Brazil. This technique is ideal for a self-defense system. Also, this art has been very popular in Japan as well, where people are taught to use the art for sport and for self-defense.