Aikikai Malta Receives Recognition from Aikikai Foundation

Aikikai Malta Receives Recognition from Aikikai Foundation
From: Kevin Bonanno posted on 22. Feb 2019, 02:10pm

Aikikai Malta is pleased to announce that it has received authorisation from Aikikai Foundation, Japan (Aikido World Headquarters) as a local Aikido school to diffuse Aikido in Malta for the instruction and training in the Art of Aikido following the principles laid down by the founder, Morihei Ueshiba.

Aikikai Malta can now award grades that are registered with the Aikikai Foundation being recognised world-wide.

Congratulations must go to practitioners and teachers alike within Aikikai Malta who have all worked diligently for many years to create an authorised Aikido school.

Special mention goes to Jean-Francois Riondet Shihan (Technical Director) and Jun Nomoto Shihan (Aikikai Director) who made this reality possible for Aikikai Malta and the local Aikido community.

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