Excellent Aikido Demonstration

Excellent Aikido Demonstration

This is Sensei Joe Thambu from Shudokan Aikido, Melbourne

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  1. Maybe impressive for non martial viewers but totally unrealistic.From 1’42 to 3’16, what is shown is funny but what does it demonstrate?? That maybe aikido is effective against morons who attack without any martial technic and throw themselves into the “master”. But , dont be overconfident and don’t try this with someone you don’t know in the street for example…

  2. Wow. I wish I could make a man 10 times my weight flip over like that just by holding a stick. Lmao can somebody link me to a real fight?

  3. One of the best aikido demonstrations on youtube. Most of it is too fast for us to see exactly the technique, but we can get the general idea of the use of uke’s movement against himself. The use of the jo to illustrate what you can do with only your arms was especially helpful.

    About comparison with MMA: remember that part of Aikido’s philosophy is to avoid seriously injuring your opponent. Because of that the aikidoist has an extra burden compared to an MMA. But I would say that if you take an MMA and aikidoist of comparable skill levels in a real fight, the MMA would have a hard time even touching the aikidoist, because the latter is not trying to strike or grapple at all but just seeking to move through and be on his way. At least that’s what I understand.

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