Suisen-kan Aikido

Suisen-kan Aikido

This video was made as our friend’s final project. At first, it was meant as a tutorial video, but later, the project changed into partial action drama-tutorial documentation.
All scenes are planned, techniques are coreographed, and street application scenes are deliberately executed using exaggerated movements to depict somewhat practical techniques, without considering real life scenarios in order to meet the cinematic needs.
This is not a tutorial video whatsoever. The objective of this video is to fulfill the director’s requirements of his college final assignment.

Suisen-dojo (Yogyakarta, Indonesia): Imam Raharja, Ryo, Latifa Zahra, Jhia Nuria, Nur Cahya Budiarta
Dojo Univ. Atma Jaya Yogyakarta (Yogyakarta, Indonesia): Khrisnandio Seco
Institut Seni Indonesia (Bantul, Yogyakarta, Indonesia): Bandung Setyobudi, Muhammad Dzulqornain

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17 comments on “Suisen-kan Aikido

  1. I am sorry but this does not do justice to Aikido. The students are far too complaisant and there are far too many openings in your movements. It is just not credible.
    I say this as a black belt aikidoka.

  2. Mujer no permitas que ningún mal nacido te ponga la mano encima.. . Shihan de Aikido..son eficaces para el trabajo de Servicio de Protección de Personas..Un escolta es el profesional de la seguridad, pública o privada, especializado en la protección de personalidades, experto en combate cuerpo a cuerpo y especialista en armas bien sean estas armas blancas, armas de fuego y armas convencionales y no convencionales, pero principalmente debe y esta capacitado para minimizar cualquier situación de riesgo. Debe para su formación básica, realizar un curso y un examen de capacitación. En España, se denomina guardaespaldas a la persona, no profesional y no habilitada que es contratada por un particular para que le acompañe, no pudiendo portar armas ni ejercer funciones propias de un escolta..
    También se denomina escolta, de modo general, al conjunto de personas, vehículos, buques o aviones que desempeñan conjuntamente la misión de escoltar algo o a alguien
    también esta el escolta militar que protege comandantes,almirantes,etc y Violencia de Género. de Santiago Shálom –

  3. I don’t understand the language, but I see free human are training aikido with a free spirit  and intentions. Great !!! Aikido is a language for the world.

  4. Ok, can anyone explain why its here the same, in every Aikido Demo it looks like that Aikido is only for to protect against wrist grabs? No real punches, kicks or whatever? Nobody want to grab my hand when he want to smash my face. When you Masters show how Aikido is used against real and commen attacks everybody knows from the street than many people will change their opinion thart Aikido is useless.

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  6. Excellent im from mexico, Now Im here in asia, in Philippines
    It look is in Philippines or indonesia
    Is correct
    Very well your video is awesome

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