Repairing The Roof In Tulsa

Repairing The Roof On Our Tulsa Dojo

dojo roof repair

We have seen some harsh weather patterns this winter and as a result of that, there have been some issues with our roof leaking. The mats on the dojo have suffered from water damage and has cost us lots of money and training time. Many of our students have complained about it so we finally hired an Oklahoma City roofing company to fix the problem. All the buckets in the dojo couldn’t collect the water that was running through the ceiling, it was definitely time to address the problem. It only took a day for them to come out and fix the issue, they replaced some plywood and the shingles and patched up the leak pretty good. Some of the heavier winds that had passed through had also ripped some of the older shakes free from their positions on the roof and either needed to be repaired or replaced. The old wooden shakes were hard to match apparently but we didn’t care much because they were on the backside of the roof. Insurance covered most of the repair cost because the damage was caused by heavy rains and winds. Our students have definitely appreciated having a dry dojo to train in. We replaced the mats that had been damaged the most and the sheetrock in the ceiling was replaced as well. The property value of the dojo has been increased which will be great when we sell the building until then it will be a great place for our martial artists to practice. The winters are cold and can be harsh in Oklahoma so having a safe, warm, dry dojo to practice in makes everything better for everyone. Our students ages range from young to old and everyone deserves a safe place to train. We have also begun to introduce the Newaza of Judo into our curriculum so students will be spending more time on their backs grappling, the mats will need to be dry to ensure a safe place to roll. Damp, dirty mats can become a breeding place for ringworm and other nasty little skin rashes so it’s important that if your dojo does participate in the grappling arts that the mats are not only dry but that they are cleaned after every use. By fixing the roof in our dojo we have guaranteed a safe training environment for our teachers and our students.