Muay Thai vs Aikido

Muay Thai vs Aikido

1) The video titles reflect the practitioner’s base system; it’s used only for identification purposes.
2) We are not here to pit STYLE vs STYLE to determine which is better.
3) Since all the practitioners cross-train, the techniques used can and will vary greatly from their base system.
4) The primary purpose of these videos is to allow our members to self critique their sparring.
5) If you have constructive feedback, we welcome it.
6) If you only have disparaging remarks, please move on.

This is a friendly sparring session and folks are not here to prove a point, but to learn from each other.

If you are in the Orange County, California area, you are welcome to attend our meetups. We just ask that you leave your EGOs at home, come with an open mind, and have fun!

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20 comments on “Muay Thai vs Aikido

  1. I feel the title of the video is misleading. We are likely expecting competent practitioners of both styles demonstrating how joint grappling fares against straight striking. You guys were having fun there so I’m not about to insult you, but I feel you could change the title of the video to something else to not mislead people.

  2. t là người việt nam…. thấy video này đánh như cc.. ai nguoi vn dơ tay

  3. There is no all in one solution to defence blue. No major secret, your blocks must be as fluid as your offense.

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