Aikido vs Muay Thai Sparring !

Aikido vs Muay Thai Sparring !

Semi Contact Sparring that took place in a Russian TV Show.

14 comments on “Aikido vs Muay Thai Sparring !

  1. it’s quite an interesting fight, BUT they should not fight in the parter. these two styles requires standing positions (imo) and then fighters can show more 🙂
    need to be remembered, that Aikido is purely defensive style + counter attacks and Muay Thai is agressive atacking style + counter attacks.
    so in this video Aikidoka didn’t loose, he just need to defend himself while muay thai fighter must attack if he want to win.

  2. เล่นละครเก่งจังสังเกตุตอนเสื้อขาวล้มแล้วมวยไทยเสือกเตะสูงไม่เนียนเลยไม่เนียนหลายอย่างมันคือการแสดง

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