Aikido vs Muay Thai Sparring !

Aikido vs Muay Thai Sparring !

Semi Contact Sparring that took place in a Russian TV Show.

14 comments on “Aikido vs Muay Thai Sparring !

  1. Посмотрел.Почувствовал запах не мы того влагалища.

  2. it’s quite an interesting fight, BUT they should not fight in the parter. these two styles requires standing positions (imo) and then fighters can show more 🙂
    need to be remembered, that Aikido is purely defensive style + counter attacks and Muay Thai is agressive atacking style + counter attacks.
    so in this video Aikidoka didn’t loose, he just need to defend himself while muay thai fighter must attack if he want to win.

  3. เล่นละครเก่งจังสังเกตุตอนเสื้อขาวล้มแล้วมวยไทยเสือกเตะสูงไม่เนียนเลยไม่เนียนหลายอย่างมันคือการแสดง

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