Aikido student takes down hooligan

Aikido student takes down hooligan

a self taught jeet kune do & karate, he is also trained in aikido (white belt)
he was really nervous because he never been into real fight, but
this chav keep provoking him.
at the end of the fight he realized that his pants got ripped underneath . good thing he was wearing underwear.

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  1. Smh, guy dancing around like a reject, just asking to get his butt kicked. First mistake was starting a fight and not taking it serious, second mistake starting a fight and not knowing how to fight. Lol

  2. Idk if it was the recorder or someone near him but whoever that was that just wouldn’t shut up. Please shut up next time, because you are a cancer to have to listen to.

  3. good on the Black Man – enough of these racist pricks…..I wish he had of pounded the shit out of the white trash goof when he had him down on the ground…..but he was a bigger man for not doing so…..good on ya mate!!

  4. it’s ok and real. but the little fat guy didnt know how to fight – the skinny black guy looks like he attracts a lot of unwanted attention. nice movement from the black guy – fast jab at the start – i thought it was fake but it looked like a playground fight with all those people standing around.

  5. Like a martial artist i don’t lke to fight,some people have curiosity to fight with a martial artist,this can be fatal,if th martial artist kill the other the martial artist will to jail and pay even if he not start a fight,we are humans,in my point of view society can’t punish a martial artist if he was forced to fight and kill the agressor in some type of acident.
    But society will punish you,so we can aceppt fights,i don’t think this is funny.

  6. Damn he float like a butterfly and fly like a freakin roasted chicken. That will teach him a lesson not to fight with a black dude who knows martial arts..there is nothing more dangerous than a black man who knows karate, cause he will either take you down or fuckin shoot you..gangsta style. Stupid man.

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