Aikido – Ueshiba Moriteru & Ueshiba Mitsuteru demonstration at the Aikijinja Taisai 2013

Aikido – Ueshiba Moriteru & Ueshiba Mitsuteru demonstration at the Aikijinja Taisai 2013


Demonstration of Doshu Moriteru Ueshiba and Waka Sensei Mitsuteru Ueshiba at the Aiki-jinja Taisai 2013 in Iwama (Ibaraki), Japan.
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Aikido and Daito-ryu Aiki-jujutsu in Japan

Aikido et Daito-ryu Aiki-jujutsu au Japon

32 comments on “Aikido – Ueshiba Moriteru & Ueshiba Mitsuteru demonstration at the Aikijinja Taisai 2013

  1. Oh and this demo was of a kind and gentle nature, beautiful to watch, and deceivingly effective

  2. Rien à dire ils sont trop fort ces japonais …. l aïkido c est un art de le pratiquer 🙂

  3. NIce rehearsed dances, but how it would look in real life (when someone really attacks), who knows ….

  4. The Japanese do everything perfect…including preparing sushi. Frikken cool stuff. 

    I like to practice Krav Maga which has influences from various Japanese ways of fighting. 

    incredible to see an ancient way of killing others. 

  5. The movement was so smooth. In aikido, producing a minimum sound when tumbling means a small impact force was received.

  6. If you have been locked or thrown by a Shihan, you would know this is not fake. The flow of the uke is also to protect against injury.

  7. The uke makes his attack predictable not to make the technique easier for the demonstration but to keep from being injured it looks choreographed but it isn’t the hands are in the same position they would be in if the uke were striking with a sword bat pipe stick etc
    FYI the class wouldn’t progress very well if we all had broken wrists and shredded ligaments, they’re no fun!

  8. This Sensei does tend to lead the uke into the techniques he wants to apply, but if I were the uke I’d go along too. I see what you mean, it looks less than honest, that is fair, but I assure you that’s for the safety of the participants, one wrong reaction and the injuries here are severe. Stay true and I encourage your study, in time you’ll gain more than just a physical enlightenment.

  9. this art at this level should be called UKE-DO
    because there is no executor technique, the opponent ends up falling deliberately
    what do you thing guys?

  10. I hate that irratating electronic noise that is presented as music!  The video is excellent!

  11. For all those saying that Aikido is fake and useless in a fight:
    Aikido was never developed as a martial art for fighting or killing. Aikido was developed by O-Sensei as a way of life. A way of finding peace and harmony with everyone and everything. Aikido certainly has self-defense aspects to it that work wonderfully when applied (individual aspects like wrist locks, energy flow and redirection, arm bars, all the good stuff), however the art focuses more on preventing yourself from getting in to a situation where you are put at risk. Spacial awareness, even things like looking around a street before and whilst walking along it, looking around at people that may cause trouble are all things that can help prevent the need for anger, aggression and violence. This is what is taught in Aikido. “Aikido, a way of harmony with nature, with oneself, and with others” – Sensei Tony Deckers (6th Dan).

  12. I don’t practice Aikido, but this just looks beautiful. Even though I train Ju Jitsu and Judo, there is no doubt for me that Aikido is the most aesthetic.

  13. I don’t know. I don’t think the first demonstrator really gets how to do kotegaeshi without interfering without just pulling the wrist over like a crank. He seems to bully his way through most techniques. And Moriteru Sensei…I don’t even know what to say. I’ve been doing Aikido for almost 40 years. Things have really changed. Watch some of the original uchideshi like Sugano Sensei and Saotomi Sensei if you think I’m kidding and draw your own conclusions. edit: I mean old footage, not the ones where Americans throw themselves on the ground like they are possessed by the holy spirit.

  14. This is the Aikido most foreigners don’t get to do. It’s refreshing to see some proper Aikido.

  15. Brazilian Jiu jutsu The Best…Oss

    Carlos Gracie e Hélio Gracie In Memoriam.

  16. Bonjour,,
    j’ai aimé de ce que tu mis comme vidéo sur la chaîne YouTube c’est un trésor puisque j’aime les arts martiaux dont l’Aikido l’art martial auquel je suis attiré je tiens à te remercier
    vraiment c’est super génial de ce que tu fais ….un jour on se croisera au japon souhaite moi moi bonne courage dans le processus d’immigration au canada….mon rêve est de devenir l’instructeur de l’aikido est rencontré Monsieur Doshu Moriteru Ueshiba et s’entrainner dans le Hombu Dojo sous sa direction

  17. Aikido, for me, helps me balance out my Kali and Bjj / MMA aggression. Always enjoyed my Aikido classes that much more after a cage fight. Always helped calm and balance all that aggression and high energy that I always had afterwards. Plus I no longer train as dedicated in bjj but I still am dedicated to my Aiki. The older I am getting the more Aiki I find myself.

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