AIKIDO Bible 1

AIKIDO Bible 1

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36 comments on “AIKIDO Bible 1

  1. For those interested in Akido or assuming it is “fake” or “impractical” maybe you should attend a few classes and see for yourself before just smearing something you have no idea about, I am sure there are instructors who would be more than willing for a few free demonstrations INVOLVING YOU.

  2. This looks to be the work of the evil spellcheck wizard! Join me in the battle to find his lair!

  3. Really? I don’t hear anything…oh wait, I had the video muted. lol

  4. I do judo and aikido is the same principle of using their own momentum to throw them selfs.

  5. you just opened up to everybody that you are clueless in M.A. do you actually think they pay people to make these vids man? everyone in the aikido world is paid a handsome sum of money. fine. then how do you explain that they’re also probably the world’s most convincing liars

  6. If it appears that the “aggressors” are being cooperative in clips like this, remember that if they DON’T fall down, they will suffer serious injury-just as a real attacker would be forced to learn the hard way!

  7. If you guys know what language I type below I would like to say SAME CONTRY ? No one could know THAT language, even though it IS TRUE !

  8. My problem with this is that the attacker is almost always prepared or even willing to be taken down. I wonder what this would be like in a real fight.

  9. “this is not magic, this is real” ok try to challenge Anderson Silva!! what’s real inside of this.

  10. I get the impression you’ve never taken an aikido class. If you resist too much, then you can get very seriously injured. Years ago, as a rank beginner, I once tried resisting just a first degree black belt and almost got my elbow and shoulder messed up. For those who think this is fake or ineffective, I suggest you go to a reputable dojo and challenge the instructors. Then you will see how fake it is.

  11. Every martial art is real in the same way that a punch in the face is real. But a punch in the face does not work for every situation.

  12. They do that because they do not want to get their bones broken. Thats the first thing you learn.

  13. anderson? the clown of mma, many fight were just sold, and you did b«uy it, dummy.

  14. Agree, I cut sound, shut my speakers, and put earplugs, but that didn’t solve the problem.

  15. What really happen is that silence is inside. Other wise it would be impossible to do those movements.

  16. i kearn IKIDO and its the art to harmony ….. if a true ikido master wanted someone to fall like this on the street …. he would fall man 🙂

  17. I don’t know man.. Obviously, that japanese guy could KILL me with two fingers, since I recognize I don’t know shit about martial arts.. but I don’t believe it’s sooo simple like he shows with that “partner” of him, you know… In the video, the opponent FLIES over the scenario (he falls easily) when touched by the main fighter.. I jus’t don’t think it’s so simple… I believe Aikido can bring several injuries and pain, like in the neck, balls, eyes, etc.. actually..

  18. the “partner” in real aikido have a hard job because if he wouldent fly man … he could loose his hand/arm/leg or even die … its an art just to learn to fall by the hands of a master 🙂 just saying cause i know this for sure .

  19. I did Ashihara Karate till brown-black belt and was very lucky to have a Sensei who not only certified in multiple styles of Karate but Judo, Aikido & Hapkido as well. Because of this our training included alot of other techniques going beyond straightforward karate. I assure you those are breakfalls and not the instructor “throwing” the students. If the student does not move with the flow & execute the breakfall, his joints would be dislocated and ligaments torn. Akido is NO joking matter.

  20. He mentions the late (and gifted!) Shioda Gozo in the companion clip to this (Aikido bible 2). Is this man a teacher of Yoshinkan style Aikido?

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