Ikkyo: Aikido Techniques : Ikkyo from a Lapel Grab

Ikkyo: Aikido Techniques : Ikkyo from a Lapel Grab

Ikkyo from the lapel grab, or Katetori, is a martial arts technique that allows you to move off the line of attack and control an opponent’s head, and is an essential Aikido technique. Learn the essential Aikido move of Ikkyo from the lapel grab, or Katetori, in this free Aikido video clip.

Expert: Fred Mastison
Bio: Mastison Sensei is an inductee into the United States Martial Arts hall of fame and is a 5th degree black belt who has been active in the martial arts for over 35 years.
Filmmaker: Dustin Daniels

27 comments on “Ikkyo: Aikido Techniques : Ikkyo from a Lapel Grab

  1. Even though i’m siding with you, i will say by the end of this move its as easy as just a quick twist and he has a broken arm, then he wont do that to anyone else….. hopefully.

  2. Umm… NO, the only Aikido technique i try to learn are to break the guy’s arm/wrist. I dont want to neutralise the guy i want to destroy him

  3. Nah, once you got the guy on the ground by the wrist you can break his arm with you leg or kick him in the face repeatedly and he cant do anything without breaking his wrist.

    Thats whats cool about aikido

  4. PFFFFF HAHAHA Fuck the founder, and fuck that spiritual shit, and fuck the whatever bullshit philosophy. When someone attacks you he dosent give a shit neither should you. Grow some balls.

  5. HAAAa. Hypocrite! you think twisting someone’s wrist isnt hurting them? You think Your ‘Strong’ because you do aikido and u say that if a real fight occured that you would control yourself? PFFF, Go out on the Street bud, into the real life.

    Its either hurt or get hurt, and if i gotta choose id prefer it to be them. Because in a real fight, most people wont stop until they got both their arm broken or get knocked the fuck out

  6. Learning isn’t even the hard part, mastering it that’s diffucult 🙂 i know what you mean bro 😛

  7. 1- when you slide down the arm, you have better control and can still catch his wrist or fingers if he starts to pull away.

    2- sweeping allows you to take him off balance without setting off his defensive instincts. its subtle, unlike a strike or a grab and yank

    3- conceptually, its more in harmony with the spirit and philosophy of aikido

    hope that helps.

  8. The way ikkio is taught in the school i attend is a pure elbow control without an additional wrist control. So in this school this technique would be classified as nikkyo, but i guess there are other schools whicht teach it differently.

  9. Sure but i’ve been teached nikkyo same way as this exept that we bow to the ”opponent” when the lock is armed so that it forces you to go down

  10. good videos, What does confuse me on this demonstration is that you begin by moving ura and then end with an amote direction. I appreciate the break downs of techniques. Domo.

  11. Again, this is nikkyo not ikkyo. In this technique the inside hand (right) should come to center as a guard and the outside hand (left) should come down the arm to the elbow. The inside hand moves to the wrist and turns it over for wrist lock with bowing motion. The outside hand is already in place to finish the technique. No switching hands and leaving your guard down to get blasted in the face.

  12. i do aikido for 2 years and i like aikido so much. This technique we have learned on our lesson. so painful

  13. “kata” in this case means “shoulder”, not lapel.  The world for lapel is “eri”.  
    I do not see why uke could not hit your liver with his left.  Doing this art this way requires speed or compliant uke.  You are a man with a large mass relative to your uke.  I suggest using attackers with more mass than your own body.  I think you would reevaluate some of your techniques.  Rarely do small people attack big people, eh?

  14. That’s a real classic technique, practised and used for thousands of years. It has stood the test of time. Its even thought to police around the world. Great self defense technique, man!

  15. this is all a big  joke .you try any of this is  a real life situation you will find out for yourself.
    why would you attempt   4 to 5 movements  when you could train one movement  to be quick ‘powerful and way more effective.  this is the stuff that gives all  martial arts a bad name. there should be a  WARNING at the beginning  saying this is  not  practical  its only to show the art  form of lkkyo

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