Myanmar Aikido – ukemi practice

Myanmar Aikido – ukemi practice

Incredible low impact and silent ukemi. Step by step instruction on how to high fall by Maung Maung Thant (San dan).

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  1. @igiboy1979 sorry, it seems to me the Iwama Dojo, but isn’t.
    There is a difference about falls of Aikikai and falls of Iwama Ryu. It’s all.

  2. Hello . All of my aikido friend thank for watching ukemi vedio. I am from MYANMAR. I am one of instructor in Myanmar Aikido Association. I accept any kind of commend good or bad. I just want to share my vedio for aikido people can do ukemi better than me.

  3. 凄いです(*≧∀≦*)

  4. Maung Maung,! I will never forget morning keikos at Ibaraki Shibu Dojo,
    1000s morning strikes, tanren, pushups, exhausted but excited.
    Annd the great words “BE STRONG AND CARRY ON” We should do a proper seminar
    here in London one day my friend.
    You are gret master!!! Hope to see you soon and make this film with you:)

  5. Thank you for the excelent video. I am a beginer and it helps me to understand my future ukemis. Domo arigato.

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