Aikido – 7Th Dan Yoshimitsu Yamada – Instructional Video.mpg

Aikido – 7Th Dan Yoshimitsu Yamada – Instructional Video.mpg

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  1. +ErikPaulsonFan  I think you have a mental illness there’s something not right with you lol
    every aikido video it’s you every time going on like you are this big martial art aikido
    star trolling going on saying it’s ineffective it’s crap won’t work haven’t you stopped yet acting like a child doesn’t look like it from where  I am looking.
    dear lord get out more this is my Grammer English son.
    It’s about time you emptied that little piss pot of yours.
    you are starting to become unhygienic, I have never known anybody as pathetic as you  seriously  stop acting like a fool grow up baby boy
    angry about what do enlighten me I would like to know in great detail.
    and yes I do know more about aiki than you well of course I do that’s because you see I actually practice and do something with my life  where as you don’t well you do that’s slag people off.
    on various internet sites on you tube it makes you feel happy doing that doesn’t it.  lol sad
    as for Gary Boaz if his students didn’t  as you say flip which is (breakfall) to save themselves  from serious injury he would hurt them. there is no way that sensei G. Boaz would say to students try it without a breakfall.
    and even if he did ask them to do it without a breakfall. what do you think would happen. then so come on  100% aikido internet know it all what do you really think would happen to that simple wrist movement  when application on that wrist is applied .without  a Breakfall  just like most of aiki techniques   am asking you.  because you’re  talking ballocks
    as usual spamming for attention like you always do because you don’t even know what would happen do you because to you it’s all  FAKE isn’t it erikpaulsonfan  I haven’t got time for you

    cheerio ?


  2. ทำไมต้องวิ่งไปกับ เขาและเฉยอยู่ใด้

  3. I saw a guy about 150 lbs bring a 280 lb guy to his knees by bending is fingers back the way they are not meant to bend. Aikido is more of a defense than an offense, so don’t knock the techniques until you try them. You’re only as strong as your bones and joints allow you to be.

  4. Aikido is derived, in part, from Daito Ryu Aiki Jujutsu, a ruthless art. Lots of vids on Youtube…Aikido is what came from the founder’s desire to practice this art while not necessarily permanently maiming or killing anyone.

  5. Aikido skills could be very useful as a self defense techniques for senior citizens.  The one factor that all senior citizens have in their favor is surprise, their attackers always think the senior is defenseless.  If these techniques were taught in a practical and useful way to seniors, their lives would be more physically secure.  Unfortunately for seniors, it appears that the main emphasis of schools teaching these techniques, are directed to younger people.  From what I have seen in these videos, I like this art very much and appreciate it’s philosophy of self defense, restricted violence and not purposely attacking or injuring your assailant unless absolutely necessary for your survival. Thank you for posting this video!

  6. Lindsay Stewart , you seem angry bud , I know it’s hard having a girls name , but perhaps you have not encountered a proficient practitioner in your hard days as a street fighter perhaps that’s problem. No self respecting martial artists would deliberately go and pick a fight to prove …. Yay

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