Aikido Vs. MMA Real Fight Part 1

Aikido Vs. MMA Real Fight Part 1

This is a video of an Aikido black belt taking on a Mixed Martial Artist in an MMA tournament. The fight goes into overtime, so be sure to check out the second part!

8 comments on “Aikido Vs. MMA Real Fight Part 1

  1. oh my gosh watch part 2 of this the 2nd video the one armed aikido guy takes the fight in the 2nd part. He wins multiple take down submissions

  2. Theres legit only one way you can use Aikido in a real fight and that is to use it for harm. (Im not a professional.)

  3. that isnt mma, you can’t use fist or make actual contact. even the untrained should be able to catch that. ..

  4. That looks very much like a White Belt mma fighter than a pro. A pro would move much differently and end the contest much quicker.

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