Aikido Girls Kicking Ass

Aikido Girls Kicking Ass

Watch some of the best Aikido Girls in action. Than if you need martial art or boxing gear go to

15 comments on “Aikido Girls Kicking Ass

  1. lolo.lolololololol so fake even a monkey would lough ! women are just sooo much weaker it dose not mather what jutsu she uses

  2. the title is misleading – she is executing a form with complete cooperation from the “attacker”, it is basically a dance move, not ass kicking

  3. you must open a dictionary and look for “kick ass” meaning, throwing an immobile ass is far a way to kick that ass

    If you don’t like aikido and you write hateful comments about it, start reconsidering your entire life ’cause you are a fucking shame just for publishing your opinion about things you haven’t got a clue about.

    If aikido doesn’t work, then how the fuck is it a martial art which specializes in self defence?
    Some people need to learn about something called “RESEARCH” and then actually do it before coming up with stupid ass conclusions.
    This is not only about aikido. A dumbass could also hate BJJ or Kung Fu because they watched an incomplete video on youtube like 2 years ago.

  5. I love all you fat little millenial pussies talking trash. That girl would kick all your fat asses.

  6. These are basics, and stylized moves, with “uke” “assisting”; takes a life-long dedication to learn, and probably never to understand. At Very high level is much more philosophy, and self defense value maybe starts at 7. Or 8. Dan. Although, I have seen a 7. Dan surprised, and beaten by a street guy who “didn’t go with it”. On a different note, still an amazing workout, just to do the uke part, take an ukemi, up, roll, up, for a couple of minutes only, it’s a full cardio work out. Oh, and a last thought. The lethal techniques are taken out, not to say still can brake joints; old masters sometimes show to proper students executing a technique how it is differed from aiki-Jutsu…

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