Aikido; One of the nice Samurai fight ! Must watch

Aikido; One of the nice Samurai fight ! Must watch

Just relax and Practice Aikido

25 comments on “Aikido; One of the nice Samurai fight ! Must watch

  1. 1:45 efectos retardados, lanza tres y estocadas y le llegan al samurai en la siguiente escena (y no puede ser la misma escena vista de nuevo desde otra perspectiva porque de ser así se escucharían los mismos sonidos)

  2. The style of fighting the staff user was so stiff. I can’t believe that that would have actually been used in combat, or even sparring.

  3. something that I always loved about samurais movies was their fight coreographe, it’s different from other asian martial art movies. usually in a martial art movie, the figthers tend to exchange a lot of moves and hits with each other, like those chinese movies were the figthers even fly in the middle of the fights. the samurais movies tends to do an enfasis more in the tension before the fight starts, with the fight only lasting some seconds finishing when one of the figthers reach to do a hit on his opponents.

  4. they speak with that fake voice to seam big and powerful, but to me they look like little adorable red pandas.

  5. i understand about 30% of what they’re talking due to constantly watching animes with engl. subtitles.

  6. I don’t see how it is possible to avoid a thrust from that weapon–sharp, long reach, fast and hard to “see”.

  7. That’s one hell of a job interview. Loved the little detail that he turned the sword around so as not to kill just to defend himself.

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