Professor Matt Barton Retires

Third Degree Black Belt – Professor Matt Barton Retires

retirement of a legend

Competitive Jiu Jitsu is definitely a young mans game, the old school cats will still compete in the Masters series but the days of high level competition has passed after the age of 29. When you hit your 30’s there are still great matches to be had and great competitors fighting for first place on national platforms. When you hit your 40’s the game definitely changes, the body just doesn’t react like it used to (trust me I know), things ache a little more, the hips and joints don’t quite shift and rotate like they once did, it’s just part of the aging process and if you have been an active competitor in any sport you know this holds true across the board. Watch old NFL guys walk up a staircase and you will see the hobble in those knees, a life of sports takes it’s toll on the body and injuries are harder to recover from, even worse, injuries tend to resurface and show their ugly faces as we climb this ladder of life. The beautiful thing about Jiu Jitsu is that you can continue rolling through your 70’s and 80’s if you wanted to. Guys on the mats understand the level of physicality to exert to an older cat. If you don’t see yourself rolling at 70, you can still be active on the mats helping teach the younger guys especially if you competed or hold a black belt in the martial arts. When that time does come though, (not looking forward to it) to hang up the belt and Gi and call it a day, it will be a difficult moment in my life and I’m sure it will be difficult for any other life long practitioner of the arts. Imagine doing something most of your life and one day walking out that door for the last time knowing you will never return to those mats, it’s almost like retiring form a place of employment which can also be difficult for people leaving their jobs that actually liked working. Well, let me tell you a little bit about professor Matt Barton.

Professor Matt Barton

Professor Barton dedicated his life to martial arts. He started in Karate, eventually transitioned into kick boxing, then kung fu, and in his late 30’s he began practicing Jiu Jitsu. He earned his black belt by age 40 and competed in many of the Masters Series level of competition. He took home 1st place many times against some fierce competitors. He stopped competing as he approached 50 and volunteered to teach the kids class at his gym. He trained and produced young champions during his time there. Parents loved Matt, he was an amazing teacher, friend, and jiu jitsu practitioner. Matt taught class for about 10 years until he hit his 60’s when he decided to retire and travel. Matt became a true globe trotter, traveling the world and training at gyms from the U.S. to Brazil. He maintained that lifestyle for about 5 years and returned to the states to settle in for a bit. He returned to the gym and started training again through his 70’s earning himself his 3rd degree black belt. This guy is a true inspiration and role model to children and adults the same. I’m sad to see him go, but he is officially ready to retire.

Joining Long Island Retirement Community

I want to officially send professor Matt Barton off with with the sincerest of goodbyes. Matt will be heading to Long Island, NY to officially settle down with his wife of 51 years. The two of them will begin living out their 80’s in comfort and style at The Amsterdam at Harborside Long Island Retirement Community. This retirement facility is one of the nicest 55 and over communities on Long Island. It’s a place for a champion and a man of Matts kind to retire and live out the rest of his days in style. There is a Jiu Jitsu gym on Long Island, I will be emailing Matt monthly to encourage him to go train. The mid, body, and spirit benefits from jiu jitsu training and at 80 years old I think he still has what it takes to get on the mats and rough the young guys up a little. Oss!