Seminar In Mesa Arizona

Grappling Seminar At Mesa Affiliate Dojo

mesa grappling seminar We will be holding a grappling seminar in Mesa, Arizona in September. There will be multiple affiliate schools joining us for the seminar. Schools from Arizona, Colorado, California, and Washington will be representing and in attendance. Myself and four other professors will be teaching various grappling techniques from different arts. There will be Newaza of Judo, Jiu Jitsu, Aikido arm lock demonstrations that can be used on the ground, American wrestling techniques, Russian Sambo demonstrations and more. The art of grappling has evolved over the years and we have embraced the more complex versions of the sport and combined those arts into an extremely effective self defense curriculum. Our instructors all train and compete at the highest level and will be prepared to show you techniques that are only taught at the highest level. Each instructor will have an hour and a half. There will be an hour of drilling technique in live simulation and the last half hour will be available or a Q&A session. If there are no questions to be asked at that time we will continue sparring for the remaining 30 minutes until the next instructor is ready to teach. The Dojo holds about 40 people on the mat, that is about 20 paired partners drilling techniques. If we have more than 60 people register there will be 30 minute drills, then groups will have to swap partners so everyone can get some mat time. There will be a lunch break for 45 minutes, we encourage you all to snack light as the second half of the day will continue with drills and fight simulations. The last time we were in Mesa for an event like this our affiliate had not prepared the Dojo properly for our arrival. The mats were dirty and it was a very unacceptable environment for our instructors and students to teach and train in. In response to that we have created a set of guidelines to ensure that we can train in a clean, well maintained environment free of mat fungus and rodents. The Dojo literally had cockroaches crawling on the walls, we have taken all precautionary steps necessary to make sure that never happens again. There will be no Dojos affiliated with us that can not keep sanitary conditions for themselves and their students. We have advised our Mesa affiliate Dojo to hire a local cleaning service prior to our arrival and ask that the mats are thoroughly bleached to prevent any chance of staff infection or other bacteria that grows on training mats. The request was also made that a Mesa exterminator treats the property so that none of our out of state visitors experience cockroaches or scorpions in their gym bags and belongings. When this criteria is met, we will require pictures, and proof of the thorough cleaning. Once the property is cleaned and treated to our expectations we will reimburse our affiliates and cut them in on a percentage of the registration fees to help them cover any other costs associated with the event like water and electricity. Arizona summers are very hot and having the Dojo open for an entire weekend will probably cost them a few hundred dollars just gin air conditioning costs. We are looking forward to the event and hope to see you all there in a sanitary training environment.