Brawl Breaks Out And Teeth Get Knocked Out

White Belts Brawl And Lose Teeth At Oklahoma Dojo

results of altercation

It was a great night of sparring, must have been 20+ guys on the mats battling for position when two newbies broke out in a fight. Guess what, white belts! For those of you that don’t follow my blog but are here reading this anyway, a white belt is the first belt you receive when training in any martial arts. From there, belt colors can vary as you make your way to brown and black belts. Those three colors though are the most common belt colors at the bottom and top of the totem pole. So when you’re a newbie, it’s best that you don’t get out of line when there are 18 other guys on the mats that wouldn’t have an issue straightening you out. These were some younger guys and they had gone at it before while sparring. Apparently they were getting too aggressive and one of the guys tapped and his training partner didn’t let the choke go. I get it, you wanna deck a guy that holds a choke after you tap, but there are two sides to every story and there are times when a guy doesn’t tap the body and instead taps the mat, that is no good for many reasons. There is a lot of noise going on while guys are training, and especially when they are sparring. If your partner is hard of hearing, he might not hear you tap the mat. When I’m getting choked, I’m either tapping the hell out of my partner or I am yelling tap with my last breath. A couple of swats on the mat might just sound like the guys next to you training hard. That being said, there should have been some sort of conversation that transpired after the incident, instead, the guy that got choked jumped up afterwards and started swinging! Well, it wasn’t his lucky day, he got caught with a right cross that knocked his front teeth out! Seriously, you can’t make this stuff up! He swung on his partner and got rocked! Obviously there was blood everywhere, they guys teeth were laying on the mats and people were pissed. Class ended immediately as guys scrambled to break up the fight and mop up the blood. The two front teeth were broken and this guy was going to need some cosmetic reconstruction on his teeth. The owner of the Dojo felt bad for the kid and found a talk radio podcast about cosmetic dentistry in Oklahoma. Apparently it’s a semi-affordable option if this guy wants to get his front teeth back. You can read more about Reflections Cosmetic Dentistry in Oklahoma here or even listen to the podcast. Seems like a legit option for any martial artist that’s had his teeth knocked out while sparring, or even when competing. Not the first time we have seen teeth on the mats, and definitely not the last time.