Steven Seagal best Aikido with Russian National Aikido team

Steven Seagal best Aikido with Russian National Aikido team

Steven Seagal demonstrates Aikido at Sambo tournament in Saratov, Russia. Uke are from Russian National Aikido Team, Ivan Egorov and Dmitriy Sapozhnikov.
Стивен Сигал демонстрирует Айкидо на турнире по Самбо в Саратове. В роли уже выступают члены Сборной Команды России по Айкидо, Иван Егоров и Дмитрий Сапожников.

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  1. Obviously most on here have never actually done a martial art, otherwise they would not come out with some of the stupid coments that they have. I do Kuk sool won, which is a Korean martial art. And I can tell you if like me you are proficient in it, it is very effective at stopping someone from attacking you. And it is easily to do some very major damage to someone very quickly. Aikido mostly just focuses on joint locking techniques to over come the attackers strength allowing you to pin or throw them down, Kuk sool won also focuses on this, but also focuses on attacking the attacker if required by using various techniques like a spear hand to the throat to choke them, or a kick or punch. And age and size doesn’t make a scrap of difference. Someone who just weighs 50kg could very easily stop or even badly injure someone much heavier than themselves simply by executing the correct blocking / joint locking manuvers. Likewise someone 70 could beat the shit out of a 20 year old if they no something like Aikido or Kuk sool won to a high level.
    Steven Seagal may or may not be a rubbish fighter, but I am sure he could very quickly put most of you poster on here in your place.
    Don’t believe me go to a local dojo and pick on some of the people there, see how long you last.

  2. He really needs knocked the fuck out. He’s lost all respect for the tradition of martial arts. Doesn’t bow before or after and has literally made his career out of making a mockery of aikido and martial artists alike. Fucking putz. Hes nothing but a tool and he looks like a fucking idiot.

  3. Put these Aikido clowns against a BJJ blue belt or a seasoned Judoka and they will poop their pants as Steven Seagal did against Uncle Gene Lebell.

  4. I know aikido is bullshit but how the fuck are they suppose to stop fist flying at their face and body not to mention kicks and takedowns. Fuck man all of you aikido believers frustrate the fuck outta me.

  5. ACTUALLY seagal is so bored with it,after practicing every day of your life,esp when young,he could rip your head off at will,none of you would stand a chance,not a chance,this sport is not for show,just surviving

  6. I think Steve would whoop a lot of ass. People are just haters. Everyone thinks a fight is what you see in a octagon. There are no rules on the streets. Do they stick they’re thumbs in someone’s eyes in ufc? Do they kick someone’s nuts like kicking a football in ufc? Do they rip ears off in ufc? Do break fingers and wrists in ufc? Do they break knee caps backwards and dislocate shoulders? Nope. There’s guidelines/rules to fighting in sports/entertainment. I bet the moves you learn in aikido are strictly for when the going gets tough in a fight. When someone is dead tired and coming at you with weak attacks and takedown attempts. Especially Aikido mixed with Kali and using a Karambit! That would be deadly.

  7. I take to much Valium to be watching this shit. No it’s in fact because I do watch shit like this way to often… Smh

  8. 4:23, good example on how fake this demonstration is. The guy just let Seagal do anything he wants.

  9. I notice these dumbfuck trolls that shit-talk Aikido all have ONE thing in common: they have never gone up against someone trained in Aikido ??

  10. Steven seagal is one bad ass he’s the best but Bruce Lee is the is the best in the world and he kick ass

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