steven seagal akido expo 1993

steven seagal akido expo 1993

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26 comments on “steven seagal akido expo 1993

  1. Oh Lord that’s so stupid.
    The fuckin bastard is so lazy that he’s not even trying to fake that right.

  2. I’m sure Aikido _must_ have some real world benefits when facing a completely untrained aggressor, but anyone that knows anything at all about MMA, or even other singular disciplines -just as an observer, knows that this _martial art_ is more akin to a combative form of yoga than to a legitimate/complete discipline for one to protect themselves against all attackers.

  3. gayest fucking martial art ever and we live in a time of Brazilian jujitsu that says something.

  4. No mamen. Nisiquiera atacan. Están como el Cruz Azul que se dejan caer.

  5. holy crap. most over embellished shit ever. seagal would get his ass beat by george foreman

  6. I’d love to see Akido where there’s no stupid acting. It’s such a ridiculous martial art the way it uses acting. The opponent is hurt more by himself than the guy pretending to throw them.

  7. Steven Seagal is a very big tell guy, he’s good at throwing around small skinny light weight guys, But any big guys without Aikido can do that. What happens if the guys in martal arts are his size comeing at him?

  8. To everyone saying that they either go down or get their wrist broken: he doesn’t even touch their wrists at several points

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