Excellent Aikido Demonstration Mori Shihan

Excellent Aikido Demonstration Mori Shihan

This is Sensei Mori, Yoshinkan Aikido.

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  1. This art is great for meditation/hobby but please DO NOT practice this thinking it will be effective in a fight. No one will stand there and let you do your techniques willingly. If your aim is to learn to defend yourself train any martial art that actually practices techniques on fully resistant opponents who are ALSO trying to attack you (Boxing, kickboxing, mma, bjj, judo, muay thai, etc). That’s the only way to learn how to fight, by actually fighting/sparring.

    whats up guys ya lll good / he did remind me to get back t o what had matter to me butt fighting with peopel alll day every day aint good for any body

  3. I want to believe this is real, and I saw the documentary with Nicholas Pettis, but still I’m a skeptic.

  4. So let’s say you’re in a high school wrestling match and you literally just use aikido to take the guy down, get your leverage, put the guy in pain and pin him like wth

  5. I’m just enjoying the video and the art of Akido which I hardly know about.

    Everyones an expert when it comes to fighting so all I’ve gotta say to these people, is if you think Aikdo is so useless why don’t you walk into your local Akido club and challenge the instructor to a fight and see how you do.

  6. These aren’t real life fights. This is a demonstration of techniques. Of course there’s an aspect of choreography. That’s how you demonstrate safely.
    Martial arts are an holistic approach to life. If you just want to kick someone’s ass you’re a dick. Self defense techniques best used are awareness of your environments and avoiding situations where you need to fight.
    If you are so unlucky to be attacked by a well trained mma practioner then most traditional martial arts will probably be found wanting. But any martial art, after good practice will help anyone defend themselves against most attackers in the real world. Most muggers, rapists etc aren’t trained fighters.

  7. If you want to beat up someone then buy a baseball bat. Aikido is what it is,defence and movement.

  8. I am not a fighter so I luckely don’t have to fight that often but I have never experienced or have I ever seen somebody offering his hand like that and allowing it to be grabbed like that.

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