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Grandmaster Ljubomir Vracarevic explains a Real Aikido technique to students

10 comments on “REAL AIKIDO – 10. Dan

  1. Aikido founder Morihei Ueshiba practice Daito ruy jujutsu before he create his own version of budo- Aikido. Ljubomir Vracarevic practiced aikido and was ranked 6 dan long time before he create hos own version of self defense oriented Aikido. Nothing new.

  2. it is funny how many people in this post say this is not good this guy would be able to win a street fight against most if not all ufc fighters. that is not the point though but 1 day i hope all the people that think they know will know.

  3. заебали писать на пиндосском языке, вот даже айзер 10 дан ито по нашему чешет

  4. basicly it is made for military purpose or police. lika sambo kravmaga ect..and it is more liek realistic then real .not like he invented aikido. just one style of it..and does it work? well i recall when he was about to train lybian spec force at interview he was chocked with some rope or wire and broke finger on that choker..or was that with spetznac?

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