Aggressive Aikido techniques demonstration

Aggressive Aikido techniques demonstration


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  1. The primary objective of Aikido is to prevent the attacker, it’s very very simple, you can take the enemy down in 2 seconds, because your not the attacker your simply halting the situation at hand.

  2. there many bunch of idiots in here, there using many names of aikido but i will remains aikido the one and only akibudo and it turns many name

  3. This isnt rare footage… a lot of Aikido techniques are actually made to get the attacker into a position where you will be able to for example break his/her arm

  4. I like it. I particularly like how uke will attempt to strike from the ground instead of just laying there after being taken down. The beginning of the video makes one think that they are about to witness techniques that they’ve never seen in Aikido before but I saw little here that I haven’t seen or done myself. The exception to that would be the pro-wrestling looking Boston Crab and Flying Scissors.

  5. c vraiment impressionnant ! sa va faire presque 8 ans que j’en pratique et j’en reviens toujours pas que parfois cela puis être sans pitié des fois ! ah et au faite, il y a un gala des arts martiaux le 2 juin 2017 à l’aïkido clubs de villefranche. venez nombreux !!!

  6. The intro is a joke. This “style” does not violate any Budo aspect. And claiming “you should look into it from the technical point of view” is even more a joke. In that bullshit is no technique. Only violence and “move as fast as you can” bollocks. Non of the techniques shown here would work against me … they are simply to badly executed, no control: neither about distance, balance or anything that matters to make a solid technique.

  7. This is good if u know what’s coming which technique relies upon (if one is aware) but in or on the battlefield good is the end result for the victor and death for the loser who will never know anyway?

  8. they put heavy music in the background and call it agressive aikido…bullshit

  9. Why do people think this is useless? I mean they throw the attacker down, and from there you can break his hand. thus, losing the fight because he only have one hand. hell, he be crying in the ground with the pain of the broken wrist.

  10. One thing I dislike Aikido is too much unrealistic attack chronography that make defend more real but useless in real world where many easily create a bad habit to defend end up hurting himself or herself when time needed it.

  11. I love your life Sanja. for all of you who think Aikido is horseshit…. well its all fun and games until you bounce off the concrete by your head.

  12. I really hate it when Uki are half dead in their attacks, especially during a demo. If it was a beginner or someone who was injured that wanted to train light, but during a demo? While the Nage technique here looks really solid, 60% of what makes Aikido an amazing art is the art of Ukemi.

  13. I dont understand. She is black Belt and she is not wearing a haikami?

  14. This is a demonstration. There’s nothing wrong with that. But trying to draw lessons on fighting, etc. from a demonstration is nonsensical.

  15. “Try these dance techniques in the octagon if you think they’re so effective!” *flex flex flex* Actually, I train aikido lol. There is significant value in remaining on your feet, evading/countering an attack, and booking it out of the area. I’ve never seen the value of ground based arts like BJJ. Yeah, start trying to pass the guard for that kimura or rear naked choke. In the meantime, while you’re dry humpin that dude on the concrete, you just don’t see his three friends sneaking up on you, intent on curb stomping you head into red paste..,

  16. aikido is the best martial art for defending yourself. especially if your attacker runs directly at you with their hands down.
    I’ve trained 2.5 years in boxing, and I will bust up every clown in this video.

  17. I’m sorry for my previous comments. I didn’t mean to refer to aikido as a martial art. all respect.

  18. That’s the way they dance at Billy Bob’s on a Friday night, that Girl is quite a Two-Stepper

  19. is this really aikido? looks more like jujitsu to me. Same techniques different system…

  20. these demonstrations are practiced before hand, like a school play remembering your each line enough long time it goes naturally, the whole play…beside i would love to her go against 100kg+ strong guy who has even basic martial arts training…its not so easy to make joint lock against someone has 3 times more strenght in their arms

  21. I feel aikido is what the second to last sensei was doing with the three men. He being evasive and using their force against themselves. All the other dtuff was choreographed kinda or really down right offensive.

  22. Once again, a demonstration and not a single shred of evidence that Aikido actually works against a real attacker.

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