Karate vs. Aikido

Karate vs. Aikido

this is a video about martial arts, in specific karate and aikido….
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  1. I have to lol at the comments saying that aikido is impractical in a good fight, looks stage blah blah etc. You guys do know that the techniques used are “light” versions where the real uses would be to break someone’s wrist, arm, elbow, neck. Of course these masters won’t use that kind of force on a demo or an event. Also if you think like this you have totally missed the point of aikido all together.

  2. The exercises in aikido are impractical, I.e. Wrist grabs and fights on knees. But if u practice enough of the basics you can apply parts of it to street fights. Same as any disciplined martial art. Katas in particular are designed like this, though outwardly they appear as choreographed dances.

  3. I’ve noticed that most demonstrations/ compilations seem to be missing the point of Aikido and from what I’ve seen from the comments people only seem to bicker about whether it’s useful. In reality Aikido is about controlling the flow of the person, it takes a calm and composed fighter and much like in jujitsu anything you do (provided that it is done properly) should lead to a wrist break and/or flip. Like most styles it just depends on your skill level.

  4. they make it sound like the two different art were going to actually fight each other.  LAME.  I think aikido might work for larger people like segal on smaller people but if he were to fight in mma he would be made the fool that he is in front of the world.  I hate his arrogant cocky ass so much that right now i probably sound like him. lol .  GO GRACIES.

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