Aikido Techniques & Exercises : Uke Nagashi Tenkan: Part 1

Aikido Techniques & Exercises : Uke Nagashi Tenkan: Part 1

Uke Nagashi Tenkan, an Aikido technique, trains an Aikido student to deflect an opponent’s motion and control the line of attack. Learn the important Aikido arm deflection Uke Nagashi in this free Aikido video featuring a 4th degree black belt Aikido instructor.

Expert: Gary Boaz
Bio: Gary Boaz has been training in Aikido for 17 years, he is a 4th degree black belt under Fred Mastision Sensei of Aikido of Phoenix. Gary teaches Aikido, Kyusho-Jitsu, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.
Filmmaker: Dustin Daniels

14 comments on “Aikido Techniques & Exercises : Uke Nagashi Tenkan: Part 1

  1. There isn’t. A AiKido dojo here in Texarkana. And rolling around during falling practice makes my head swim. Sensei needs to make more of these vids

  2. Closest one I’ve found to Texarkana is is Shreveport. Not the worst drive, but I wouldn’t call it convenient.

  3. all aikido technics great, but try use it on the street spend 12 years mastering technics and what? this is more about thinking than fighting LOL

  4. Oh, aikido is the best against zombies! It’s like aikido was developed especially to deflect only attacks zombies do, like grabs, bites and such…

  5. Nah, with practice, you can teach your body to react to attacks, like boxers teaches themselves to block and lean without thinking. First several year of aikido learning you just studying basics – techniques and how to move. Further practice gives you an ability to implement things with real people. You just need to practice and you will be able to use aikido in real confrontation.

  6. It’s not the style – it’s the student. Making blanket statements about the effectiveness of any martial art demonstrates an unbelievable lack of intelligence. The fact is – anyone can lose a fight, even the most well-trained and seasoned martial artist. If a practitioner loses a fight, does that mean the art is ineffective? That’s like saying because cars get into accidents, all people should stop driving them in favor of skateboards.
    It takes years for ANY martial art to be useful for the practitioner, and even then – it comes down to luck as much as skill.
    This is true in any fight – doesn’t matter what style it is, where it is, or who the fighters are.
    Anyone that tells you different doesn’t have any idea of what they are talking about.
    Saying you’re an “expert” – does not make it so. Even if you have “won” every fight you’ve ever been in.
    You’re only one guy. Are you suggesting that anyone who studies under you will never lose a fight? Ridiculous statement to make.
    The primary purpose of ANY martial art – at least for the traditional ones – is self defense. No Dojo I’ve ever seen advocates standing there toe-to-toe with an opponent. It’s about ending that confrontation as quickly as possible and getting away.
    The “competition” arts – they are primarily focused on winning contests, so that’s how they train. Can they do well in a street fight – of course, but so do boxers, and just about anyone who isn’t afraid to get hit.

  7. I’ve been watching these Aikido videos so I can see is there anything I can take from them to add to my boxing & wrestling.

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