Aikido Women – never underestimate her :-)

Aikido Women – never underestimate her 🙂

a Bambang Ali amateur aikido movie making conducted in Sebelas Maret University in Solo, Indonesia, taken in 2003, performing applicative aikido instances for women.

14 comments on “Aikido Women – never underestimate her :-)

  1. Fuckin feminists. All he wanted was to get a little stinky on his pinky. She could have just said no thank you. Of course if it was real life and she tried to use aikido to fend off a rapist she would have ended up like Monica Bellucci in Irreversible.

  2. Ah yes, the good old ‘honestly this is a real video and this is how attacks actually go down’ non-fake video.

  3. Aikido looks complicated, but I’d stick with wing chun personally….
    It just seems more highly appropriate, or muay thai.
    Boxing though, boxing is a realistic fighting style, different combination of punches, FUN AND REALISTIC TO USE AND PRACTICE!!!!!!

  4. 0:42!!!!
    Now look at this situation, think she can flip him around like that in a real fight?!
    It basically looks like he could just, ONE PUNCH HER.
    Excuse me ladies, only happens on television…. Which is fake and staged.
    That saying not even HE could DO that to himself!!!!!!

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