Bas Rutten: Aikido in MMA

Bas Rutten: Aikido in MMA

Bas Rutten explains why aikido isnt used in MMA

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  1. Aikido develops the mind and makes ways for different types of thought processing and thinking,while being pretty useless in a real fight it has a way of “cleansing the soul”,thats why theres a lot of 60+ yr old ppl who still do aikido

  2. I have so much more appreciation for Bas basically saying “yeah it can work but it’s hard to make it work against an MMA fighter” now seeing footage of Dan Theodore effectively doing it in MMA… Joe Rogan pretty much say “hurr durr durr I bet my career it will never work” but Bas was quite a bit classier than that, and it pays off.

  3. I disagree. There is tomiki aikido. It is the minority within aikido but it is still there. Some of the tomiki schools spar freely and with utterly resisting opponents. Some of their throws are very similar to Judo. It’s a mistake to say all of aikido is useless, that is simply not true and being ignorant.

  4. I’m an Aikido skeptic and personally believe the way to go is with MMA martial arts and combat sports. However, I have to admit this video of it being used in rolling in Japan or wherever it was, has my interest. However, it looks like the take-home from these videos is that it does work, if you are a more-experienced grappler, bigger and stronger than the person you’re using the Aikido on.

  5. The film and tv aikido crap IS crap… But as Bas said, of course it works and does if adapted to the situation you’re in… There is only one form of aikido that is competitive and it is like judo done at a distance… No grabbing of the cloth is allowed as in judo which makes it more difficult, but prevents the practice developing into or falling back to judo… Given that judo and aikido have its roots in Jujutsu, its very compatible and can be put together and easily adapted to a combination for self-defence… I’ve practised with protective headgear against strikers and it does come into its own if you adapt it to do so… Why so many diss aikido is because of the flowery stuff you normally see from the compliant crap that Seagal does and its main org the Aikikai… To my mind Seagal has done more damage to aikido as a martial art making out that his style is unbeatable and his delusion IS a big embarrassment to the art … If that was the case people like Bas wouldn’t ridicule it as much, but I understand fully where he is coming from… It’s done for sport and is a form that uses resistance like judo and is practised by amateur Tomiki Shodokan aikido players the world over…. There is no ground game which could be incorporated just like judo… As yet, the style may do that depending on the hierarchy that leads it… I have used this in my own practice with other willing players and it gives a more realistic feel to the practice against a non-compliant opponent…

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