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  1. ha ha ha ha ha ok if you can do that to me before i brake your jaw i will give you plane tickets to Greece


  3. lmao, in real life they would freeze get scared and forget all their moves, also what if the attack doesnt attack that way with a nife what if hes skilled, stupid shit

  4. Why do so many people look for *martial art* vs *different martial art* video’s and then complain about the lack of realist? They’re all just demonstrations, because when people get into actual real world fights, on the off chance that they’re both some kind of martial arts master, 99% of the time at least one of them will forget about all that and just go for primal, animalistic, throwing fists and hoping you hit something. So it’s irrelevant anyway.

  5. I know a guy who got the First Dan in aikido, and He is a very advanced fighter. Aikido Hater have to understand that in the Videos are Demonstration. In a real fight a Boxer can kick u too…

  6. What a bunch of BS, these guys would have a hard time fighting out of a paper bag.

  7. You idiots have to understand that Aikido wasn’t designed for fights, it was designed for ACTUAL SELF DEFENSE. What I mean by fights are like those unrealistic things you call UFC.

  8. When will people realize that Aikido is NOT martial arts! Its a form of Japanese Faggot dance.

  9. ok, so the first demonstrator joes to prison for cutting the guys neck, awesome. so does the second guy. oh, and you don’t hand the knife back to the attacker…

  10. In a real fight, you’ll never see the knife. Only an idiot will extend their knife arm.

  11. This is the same old dojo mistake that happens too often. The “attacker” Goes for a stab and just pauses in time while the instructor does what ever he wants to the kinfe wielder. I don’t understand, this isn’t a good simulation for a real life attack. If a guy decided he wants to stab you to death in real life, best be live he’s going to go apeshit, and this doesn’t prepare you for that. What the hell

  12. Jiu-jitsu? Where are the jiu-jitsu athletes in this video? What was shown there was an imitation of jiu-jitsu.

  13. “I still got the knife” finally someone pointing out that you are not going to just give the knife up once you hit the ground.

  14. Everything I watch these knife attacker videos I wonder what it would look like if it was Kali vs. Aikido.

    Look up some old police defense videos where Dan Inosanto demonstrates a knife attack. Very very different than what you see in most Aikido knife attack videos.

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