Aikido real street attack

Aikido real street attack

in this video clip you can see the reality of Aikido..

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  1. Let’s give on and two the benefit. Number three? Soon as he dropped the one the other guy would of clocked him in the face while he was on his knees.

  2. What is not being taught openly are the pressure points and pressure holds that can incapacitate if not kill. Throwing the opponent off-balance is what a casual observer can see. But it is only to be able to apply the necessary pressure (or blow) to strategic points on the opponent’s body. You can never see these things in demonstration videos or martial arts tournaments. Or taught to casual students.

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  4. how is gravity or more so what we call gravity FAKE aikido isnt fake its simply based on science weight gravity ever been that kid bullied by the bigger kid gone down as he attacks you and flipped him over with a foot into his chest and flipped the bully over your head WELL DERP THATS GRAVITY AKA AIKIDO i have no aikido experience but in any fight attack situation its aikido like moves that i automaticaLLY THINK ABOUT because using the attackers own weight force against them is simply SCIENETTIFIC FACT all those trying to look hard in the comments are denying gravity and force and weight RETARDS

  5. Hahaha! Yeah, loved the telegraphed high kick and collar grab…  Typical street fight all right!! Lol.

  6. I have studied the art and it’s real it is mostly using joint Locke’s and using and made to be easy for when you train then it is muscle memory

  7. I took hapkido for some years .You just set the aikido master up by letting him approach with arm lock and counter it

  8. this is why all pro and amateur MMA fighters all use Aikido “Not” you can find video of non staged Aikido vs MMA fighter demonstrations on YouTube. Aikido is never the victor. It may actually work if you can get the MMA fighter to come at Aikido standing up straight up, stop him from throwing real punches and kicks. Then it will also help the Aikido victim if the MMA fighter doesn’t use his take down ability. So basically the MMA fighter can’t be allowed to use his training.

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