Aikido (Black) vs. MMA (Red)

Aikido (Black) vs. MMA (Red)

Jack McGlaughlin, who trained Tomiki Aikido, tries his hand at Pancrase. His opponent, karate/catch wrestling fighter Ryushi Yanagisawa, has fought everybody from Fedor Emelianenko to Vitali Klitschko.

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  1. The signature techniques of any martial art are not the ones often used, they’re just the most flashy. In fighting, basic techniques are practical and used often. Real fighting is messy, and Aikido is less about making someone fall and more learning how to roll with the punches, MMA is a sport that relies on the ring not being concrete or dirt, which is why it has an advantage here, grappling is more often used then striking.

  2. Obviously Yanagisawa didn’t know he was supposed to offer his wrist to be twisted until he went flying across the mat. The bullshito factor…again.

  3. that MMA guy was very generous for not beating the crap out of that guy once on the ground.

  4. The “MMA” guy has 0 bjj. I guess that’s like a Bobby builder that skips leg day to often

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