Aikido – Morihei Ueshiba – Way of Harmony – 04

Aikido – Morihei Ueshiba – Way of Harmony – 04

Way of Harmony. Colección de videos de O Sensei. 4/4

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  1. hahahahha what the fuck is this shit ? “how do we develop ourselves and the great universe universe through aikido” biggest fucking joke ever

  2. I love it at 7:10 where O Sensei takes ukemi for a little boy. There is so much kindness in both their smiles! 🙂

  3. the ppooowaaahhhrr of loooovee.. amazing. ofc the warrior term definition is the one who brings peace and love indeed. Yes… if some one bring WAR to my house i will take of my love and spin him round round baby round round and IF i can do everything succesfully i will break his arm. Yeeaaa 😀
    IF A WARRIOR SHOWS ON MY HOUSE trying to hurt me or my kids i will gauge his eyes out hit his throat, genitals, everything i have till i stop breathing. if i want to go to the circue i may as well watch aikido. pathetic. WARRIOR means WAR. this is flamboyant dancing.

    I weight 103kg, NEVER trained in my life gym etc, never studied martial arts only some time to learn some basics and do them right (5 months) and when i went into an aikido gym i “sparred” with them there… it all ended with no one being able to move me and their excuse was i wouldnt go hard on you not to harm you. BUT i managed to expose them into some elbows and kicks. and i am a pile of fat. it was EMBARACING!

  4. I fuck uou up too clayton sempi japan sargeant paul burn’s rampart platoon 44 hollywood L.A.p.D corp…AMERICAN CADET CLAYTON A living will

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