How to Do Sankyo | Aikido Lessons

How to Do Sankyo | Aikido Lessons

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Okay. This technique is called sankyo. Or number three in the series of techniques that O’Sensei established. And again, this whole series, one through five, is going to start with ikkyo. So if we look at shomenuchi, ikkyo, you meet and down. Again, I want to lift the hand so that I’m looking at the palm of my partner’s hand. Reach underneath. I’m going to wrap my fingers right around the inside of the palm. And the fingers are another aspect that I have. I’m going to step back. And think about pointing all of this directly at your partner as they turn and cut. Again, this is very similar to the sword work that we do in aikido. Again, I don’t want to point the fingers down and cut with the butt of the sword. I want to try to cut out with the tip and the elbow of the sword. And I’m going to continue to move around the front, irimi tenkan and down. The pin incorporated here, sankyo pin. Alright. So again, you start with ikkyo. Ikkyo, lift, take the hand and step back, cut, irimi tenkan, straight down on the shoulder and pin. So if we look at the ura variation. Again, I move to the back side first, lift, continue to move behind and down, spiraling movement towards ugay’s back. Up for the pin, pull through. Ura, lift, hand position, tenkan, and back. Up for the pin, pull through. Couple other variations that we’ll often see, straight down, straight up. Can also use sankyo to create openings for other techniques. Sankyo, number three.

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  1. Trully flawless performance. Hope i myself, some day, gain this level of skill… The only thing that bothers me is the sensei’s japanese translation… he states that (ikkyo 三教) means “number three”. But in fact it states more like “third teaching” more ao less… Like (教師 kyoshi) means “teacher”. To me “number three” would be something like (三番 sanban) or so. It is pointless to make a lecture here, but the fact remains… (my appologies to all of you fellow japanese philology students, for not using the propper hepburne’s ヘボン式ローマ字). It’s just too troublesome… peace.

  2. I wanna say so much lol but In a real fight this won’t work . Maybe vs the same style yes but bs anything other then aikido they will lose lol

  3. Way too quick! Advice for successful learning videos, maybe teach step by step, where the person watching actually has time to get into position?

  4. Careful when you try these in a street fight as your attacker may resist but unless you’re stronger than your attacker this would work easier than it would if your attacker is bigger/stronger than you.

  5. These techniques are secrets which shouldn’t be published to internet. O’ sensey Marihey Uishiba learned these from Sakaku Takeda who believed to be the last samurai of the time and he showed each technique once. ( Sorry if there is a misspelling)

  6. Excelente técnica, justamente hoy me vi en la necesidad de aplicarla en combate real, combate q no llego ni a los 4 segundos…una cuadra caminando con el tipo sometido. No da oportunidad de nada al atacante.

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