Aikido JAPAN – SportAccord World Combat Games2013

Aikido JAPAN – SportAccord World Combat Games2013

SportAccord World Combat Games 2013 AIKIDO-JAPAN demonstration

Team from Japan is

Shirakawa Ryuji – Abe toshiharu
Hatayama Hiroshi – Suzuki takaki

World Combat Games 2013 – Day 5 – 22.10.2013

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合気道 神武錬成塾 白川竜次先生

21 comments on “Aikido JAPAN – SportAccord World Combat Games2013

  1. combat???? where????? this is dance….coreografy… nobody atack realy….only up the hand y dance

  2. People who say aikido suck they must first fight aikido guy and say aikido is bad or and also people who is saying good dance they fly so they don’t break bones each others that’s why

  3. I do aikido and know many of these moves, so for people to say this is stage, they are wrong. Next year I will be testing for my junior black belt (because I’m young) and I will have to do this sort of thing in front of my sensei. It has took me 5 years to get to this level and I am still training.

  4. Aikido works when u fight someone who doesnt know wtf they are doing lol or who just cooperates with u..

  5. i am starting aikido next monday.It’s beatifull and effective for self-defense,but also for atacking,if it’s something serrious

  6. that martial art is one of the most Useless shit ever……..TRUST ME… if you do aikido and you get attacked in the street….. use any other martial art.. aikido won’t help you at all.

  7. Hello, everybody!!!
    I’m 16, and I want to start studying of Aikido, right know.
    Is it too late, for me?
    I will glad for all your comments, and answers, thank you!

  8. por eso es el arte marcial de la paz, aunque es letal en los huesos y articulaciones del ser humano

  9. “It doesn’t work in real life.” I agree. Karate, Muay Thai, BJJ, Kickboxing, etc. doesn’t work either in real life against a glock.

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