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  1. There is the silly Aikido people try to condemn, where everybody is flying around, but even that has it’s value in understanding motion. Then there is Aikibudo or Aikido as budo where they both teach interception, strikes, breaks, takedowns, chokes. Some schools offer either class, but there Aikido as budo is street useful, effective, deadly. You probably wouldn’t instantly recognize it as Aikido, but it’s the true Aikido

  2. I saw a video on an akido fighter fighting an mma fighter to see how practical it was and the dude said his 13 years of training did jack shit

  3. In the real world ,you may not see that weapon coming, so you may get tagged with it once and it’s not always going to happen in the daylight either so be ready it might get ugly .

  4. Do not go and grab the blade directly as demonstrated in the video, it doesn’t work that way! Instead, give the opponent’s wrist a good and firm twist, use up your body weight to help a little, they can not help but drop the blade. Also, take a look at the first example (the “Kotegaeshi” he is performing), at 0:07 in the video, after the turning, you should perform the wrist lock movement as minute as possible. You would give the opponent a huge oppotunity if you draw a big circle like he did in the video when doing the wrist lock.
    Do not take this video too seriously and do not attempt to do the demonstrated moves by yourselves if you are not trained in Aikido for years. They are aikido moves or moves derived from aikido, they are just not professional enough for reference.

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