Young Kip Needs A Bone Marrow Donor Match

Help From The Dojo – Bone Marrow Donor Match Needed

kip needs bone marrow donorA young student at an affiliate Dojo is in need of a bone marrow transplant and your help is needed. A fellow martial arts practitioner and young fan of MMA is in need of an exact match bone marrow donor. Young Kip started his martial arts journey two years ago and has been promoted to second degree gray belt in Jiu Jitsu. Kip also had been competing regularly and brought two gold medals home to his Dojo with pride. A true champion on and off the mats, Kip needs your help now for the fight of his life. I will be sending out an email to all affiliates that will link to this article, you will then have the option after reading this to make donations at your local Dojo. Your professors will deposit the money collected and PayPal us the funds so we can get the money to Kip and his family. Money is only part of the donations we need. We need many of you to swab your mouths and apply to become a bone marrow donor. Both men and women are encouraged to find a donation center and give bone marrow. There are Charities that can find a bone marrow donor match, we encourage you to contact them and apply to become a donor. If you are unable to donate because of health reasons, money will help Kip and his family along the journey ahead of them. They will need assistance traveling and lodging during this fight. All affiliate Dojos should encourage their students to get involved to help make this martial arts community one that kicks ass on and off the mats. Kip has been a warrior, according to his professor he is still showing up to class on occasion and practicing. The beautiful thing about kids at that age is that they typically don’t have a deep understanding of the severity that is cancer. We have seen many kids win and lose the battle in our community and we will continue to give our love and support to our members and those outside of the Martial Arts community that we are so heavily involved in. I now bow in respect to all of you making the decision to make a difference. With over 50 affiliate Dojos and hundreds of students around the country we shouldn’t have any problems finding a bone marrow donor match for Kip. Thank you all that respond. Oss!