Steven Seagal – Master Of The Aikido

Steven Seagal – Master Of The Aikido

Steven Seagal demonstrates all his knowledge aikido.

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  1. They are not even trying to get him, c’mon…like Tyson, or Van Dame, woulda killed him

  2. Aikido is legit. The people that disrespect it need to be forced to live in such a dojo under Akin rules. They won’t last an hour.

  3. And I thought that Shihan Steven Seagal was a product of Hollywood like David Carradine of the TV. What a great pleasure to know that facts are exactly the opposite. Thank you ptyalisme.

  4. ridiculous bs. you think by moving around and waving your moist faggot hand at someone they will just go flying across the room if it happens in a real life situation outside of that dojo? “O Sensei” thats their grandmaster, he had guys flopping around on the floor or go flying across the mat without even touching them, thats how you know their entire curriculum is bullshit.

  5. This is called mook chivalry in the movies. Guys charge at him, one at a time, employing little to no tactics. Seagal would get wrecked in a real street fight.

  6. I love his movie’s,but this is ridiculous,in reality you cannot Defend yourself against multiple attackers like this,he is amazing when it comes too fighting and amazing moves one too one and two with his amazing moves might happen but multiple attackers this is not happening,only in the movies ???.

  7. Steven is kick ass!!!!!!!!!!!! His way of fighting is the way it is on the street! Fast and quick 🙂 Love him!!!

  8. Segal has turned into a incredible liar. What a joke. Even superficial research on this enormous fibbing machine turns up so much BS.

  9. Aikido is beautiful, but one must subject themselves to other practices to establish defense against trained fighters. Additionally non gi training is essential.

  10. this is absolute horseshit…. i will fight any faggot using aikido… fucking bittches…. i have fought mma style for over a year now and got my ass kicked once and then… after looking at these faggots… running like cunts directly to ur opponent. let me ask you something WHERE THE FUCK DO YOU SEE THAT IN REAL LIFE???

  11. I’ve worked in the music industry for 7 years and protected the likes of Ozzy Osbourne and various other performers. I’ve utilized Aikido in the real world on multiple occasions. I agree with most of what said in the video however the Tactical aspect of where you physically stand always has a play in the movement and the dynamic. I’ve fought on Hills I fought on steps and I fought on inclines on multiple occasions. Now people always like to misconstrue when they say to fight. I never went in with the intention of fighting, but the intention of ending a conflict. I should make that very clear. When it came to intervening in situations I’ve looked at saving two lives, the guy getting kicked in the head, and the guy going to do a life sentence for something stupid.

  12. A professional boxer, MMA, or Muay Thai fighter would obliterate an aikido fighter. Not even close. These demos are mostly bullshit as well. Nobody but a complete idiot or shitfaced drunk guy just throws himself at you. If you want to learn how to fight for real life self-defense purposes train MMA, I.e., western boxing, Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai. That said, I’m sure Seagal is an Aikido master and it is a beautiful art. I also think there are probably some good techniques, moves, and concepts that a fighter could use in real life but overall it just isn’t an ideal martial art for actual fighting, especially against someone who has some MMA training.

  13. Anyone that doesn’t think Aikido can fuck someone up HARD, is a misinformed FUCKTARD….Aikido fucking ROCKS.

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