Aikido Master in MMA!!!!

Aikido Master in MMA!!!!

Old general Zod after 20 years of life on earth, versus Aikido Master 46 years old from deep Russia.

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“Arrows Street Fight Championships” por ThronesMMA começou em 2011, em São Petersburgo na Rússia. Com um conceito revolucionário no MMA, onde praticamente qualquer lutador amador pode participar. Cada participante é avaliado e os oponentes compatíveis são selecionados. Lutadores amadores de todos os estilos mostrando suas habilidades!
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34 comments on “Aikido Master in MMA!!!!

  1. Aiki is one of the best kept secrets for almost 700 years.
    It was privilege of aristocracy in Japan. It has been used on the field in
    mortal combat and it has proven itself. It completely derived from kenjutsu. In
    the training of aiki you have three stages: Shodem, chuden and okuden. As you
    progress towards last stage, you use less and less power. (osoi). Aikido as
    martial arts looks like the very last stage and it is difficult for aikido
    practitioner to practice if one does not know stages between. This is reason
    why many tray to ridicule aikido. I will advice aikido people to make research
    about their roots in aikijujutsu and not to get involve in fight till they do
    not know two stages before. If someone wants to know how to start training for
    practical application please write on my channel I will help but do not stop training,
    aikido is one of the most beautiful martial arts, way of living and it will
    show itself in the way. Kind regards

  2. wtf you calling him an AIKIDO master, he’s an AIKIDO failure not MASTER

  3. Honestly everyone thinks aikido is useless because either:
    1) Videos supposedly showing it show no actual aikido and
    2) A scarily large proportion of aikido dojos and practitioners have no idea that the kihon is not for self defense! It shows you how the body movements work and how the techniques work, but practical aikido is very different.

    I would like to point out that the Sensei at my dojo works as a bouncer, so it works when done right. Most people just don’t understand how to do that. Kihon is supposed to look nice and is really ineffective. Practical aikido has the same sort of posture and positioning but it is ugly and it works.

  4. According to the aikido guys here: you should be a japanese master, you should be faster, aikido is only defense, you can’t use aikido in the ring, you can’t use aikido in the octogon, you can’t use aikido in this type of fight, you can’t use aikido in any type of fight, “this is not aikido”, any other video (which is every video) where the aikido guy gets his ass beaten is not aikido, aikido doesn’ exist, aikido has 1000 excuses. The only way to keep calling this thing a martial art if to see if it works in a fight, that has yet to be proven.

  5. People just don’t realize that nobody grabs your hands in a fight, nobody does a lunge for your hands, nobody does a lazy downward chop to your head, and you can’t catch a quick jab followed by a right cross and hook to the face.

  6. Those are two overweight brawlares. Maybe the Aikidoka is in the audience, or maybe only in the title of the video.

  7. He couldn’t believe that someone could throw more than one punch. U could see him trying hard to lift the guy up but reality hit

  8. What the fuck do you mean ” in MMA” how can you be ” in Mixed martial Art” …… you mean “in a fight” ?????

    and, it doesn’t even seem like a MMA fight, it looks like BOXE since theres no kicking, and no ground grappling ( Brazilian jiu jitsu )

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