Steven Seagal in Russia

Steven Seagal in Russia

Steven Seagal gave master class in Sambo 70 sport school

Стивен Сигал провел мастер класс в школе Самбо 70

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  1. Mon père jupe noir plus jeune jetais incapable de le touché la maîtrise aujourd’hui a évolué grace a la Chine

  2. I wonder what his oponent is thinking everytime he has to go on the mat so he must be told.But nice hipp and ass moves to push your oponent down I wonder how that move is called?Anyone?

  3. Fake. Aikido is in no way practical for the streets. This is showmanship; ask Steven about Gene Lebell who choked Mr. Aikido out twice (and made him poop in his pantelones). ?

  4. To all the people saying he’s martial arts re fake I’d love to sit there and just watch you get up and fight him.

    If he’s as fake as you say he is then you’ll have no problem at all defeating him will you???

  5. Every single martial arts video you watch.

    It wont work in a real fight! wont work in a real fight! I think so many people have been conditioned by this MMA culture that they think jujitsu and boxing are the only two martial arts that matter.

    The bottom line is that all the arts can do serious damage and they all have their strengths and weaknesses. It’s about self defense and getting out alive, not standing in the street and fighting for a 60 minute iron man match just to prove how superior your said martial art is. Knowing something is better then knowing nothing.

    Wing Chun, Karate, Krav Maga, Muay Thai, Akidio, Jujitsu, Boxing of course, etc etc. They can all do serious damage and will defend you against attack and guess what a karate guy can beat a krav maga guy, a wing chun guy can beat a jujuitsiu guy etc etc it all depends on the fighter and how well they excute? NO martial art is superior to another!!

    I hate when people shit on martial arts when they’re their not even willing to understand it or attempt it.

    All Martial arts are great!

  6. Apparently it really helps with this stuff if you don’t have a neck, the opponent finds you harder to grab

  7. This is the worst swing dancing I have ever seen!
    The first guy in white was either very drunk or in need of medical attention.
    Maybe it would make more sense if their music was playing…dunno…

  8. tai viejo sejal, n estos time no se pelea asi,renovate nono….

  9. All these loosers forget that the guy is a real monstrer 7 dan what more can u get ????? To proove to loosers that these oponents if he goes more frankly there members would be all broken ….unbeatable… easy to criticise siting on a couch??

  10. The ideal thing is to not have him as an enemy otherways even if u have a wapon keep at least 9feet distance

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