Aikido with Steven Seagal

Aikido with Steven Seagal

Young Steven Seagal performs rondori, multiple attackers and defence against weapons

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  1. What does that mean sorry? How did your Sensei reassure you? As in, does aikido work on the street against a trained boxing. And does someone have to rush towards you for Aikido to work? Can’t it work in a square off on the steet?

  2. LOL, um no. Aikido is nonsense, as demonstrated by this video. The ‘attackers’ were throwing themselves. Not being thrown by con man seagal. All MA are NOT effective. Wing Chun and Aikido have NEVER been shown to be effective in a real fight. I dare you to find video to prove me wrong.

  3. hahaha this is a great comedy skit…always love bullshit martial arts videos…If you want to learn actual self defense start with basic striking like kickboxing or Muay Thai and grappling in wrestling, BJJ, or Judo. Dont waste time on this bullshit

  4. I laugh at those who mock Aikido. And Steven Seagal. What do they know about anything anyways. Disrespect means ignorance.

  5. as have I – and so far i´m not hurt – i did get the chanse to go home after being attacked, and i thank aikido for it…
    Not saying there aren´t problems with the art, or difficulties, but to think it´s bullshit just from watching Youtube is weird to me…

    furthermore. haven´t had ONE incident in 15 years where I, or my teachers couldn´t handle – mostly guys – coming to the dojo to test us… but im guessing that doenst count???

  6. No its not bullshit but its not practical not saying its useless but there are far far better or I should say more practical martial arts out there. But whatever floats your boat I guess. Bruce Lee blew the lid off that stuff years ago. You would learn a lot more practical stuff and become a much tougher, better fighter from something like boxing. We are not samurai`s we dont need that stuff. However its likely that learning aikido would make you a better person then boxing would-

  7. and thats exactly the point… not saying that self development isn´t possible with other arts… Maybe the essence of aikido isn´t even possible to attain. Maybe it´s an Ism just like different politacle ideals, but maybe, just maybe it´s an ideal to strive for?

  8. Ueshiba sparred against other styles to attain his level didn’t he? So why shouldn’t we Aikidoists spar full contact against other effective styles like wrestling? I think that if we don’t, we are only diluting our training to some shadow of what the original art was, something that is not only effective against Aikido, but also boxing, bjj and wrestling.

  9. Seagal can fight but this demonstration is ridiculous and doesn’t simulate what would happen in a real street fight. Even an experienced fighter will usually be overwhelmed by more than one opponent by virtue of being outnumbered. A couple of hard nosed street guys that gang up on someone will bumrush the individual, grab him, and pull the individual to the ground to pound him out. This is simply what happens in most street fights. 

  10. This stuff just doesn’t really work. I mean, everyone is just running at him, putting their hands out, and letting him throw them. There’s no real intention to attack, even considering that this is practice. If it did work, I’m sure we would’ve seen at least one decent UFC competitor use it by now.

  11. LMFAO this guy is a joke! Even my sister could beat him.He knows absolutely NOTHING! Who believes in this bullshit? If he ever tried this in real fights he would be dead quickly

  12. Who fights by running and falling to the floor without even attempting a strike…

  13. i don’t care what other Fool people say about AIKIDO…. Because my Sensei already prove how dangerous the art of AIKIDO was…..

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