Aikido vs Karate

Aikido vs Karate

Shigeo Tsujitani(karate) vs Tetsu Yamazaki(Aikido) in Bujinhai’95.
Bujinhai is Japanese open tournament of MMA.
Yamazaki fought bravely though he has only one arm.

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  1. The spirit of the warrior is to train himself to the limit & test his skill in the battle. To live one day at a time & prepare to die anytime in the battlefield. Since war is fought using modern arms nowadays, the only place they can truly feel alive is only on competition like this. Perhaps this one arm guy looking for a place where his spirit can rest. Who knows?

  2. Nah, you never come out good when you take on a one-armed guy.  If you lose, it’s “haha dude, you lost to a guy with one arm!”  And if you win, it’s “wtf man, you beat up a guy with one arm…”

  3. applause tho aikido i know this is not aikido but he fights just with one hand respect 

  4. You will never see any Aikido,in a video,in real combat.The guy with one arm is in one other video tournament,and you can see a couple Aiki techniques,but not many.Aikido,normally doesn’t kick or strike,…well the post war style any way..Pre-war was much harder.Ueshiba,became enlightened,could see attacks coming before they actually happened.Until then,you will deff. need to strike and hit.

  5. “cong minh trinh
     aikido with one hand? kiding me?”

    Yep one hand is enough, my professor had just one hand and was a five degrees black belt.

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