aikido vs giant wrestler anime fight

aikido vs giant wrestler anime fight

one of my favorites fights
hope you enjoy
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24 comments on “aikido vs giant wrestler anime fight

  1. Title says Aikido
    show says Jujitsu
    And viewers say Brazilian Jujitsu
    I don’t know if it’s a curse but I think every single video ever of him says Aikido even though they say Jujitsu in the video.
    Though it pisses me off people keep saying brazilian jujitsu as if it’s the ultimate martial art like those idiots saying krav maga is the best art in the world

  2. that’s odd. i never learned the throat poke of doom while i was attending combat aikido.
    is that a black belt technique? most likely since i only reached brown belt.

  3. IRL life a man hovering another by half a meter with that physical statue would have killed him in 1 minute no mater what skills the other guy had. If he was a wrestler he would have in 20 sec, and if the other guy had only aikido in 10 sec.

  4. Typical American mentality that brute strength and force is equal to power and therefore will always come out on top. Aikido and many other Asian martial arts is about using the opponents’ force against them. I see comments here saying “I know Aikido because I practiced it for 8 years, and it’s useless.” or something along the line. It’s funny because I known people who practice the art for 30 years and still does not claim to be a master. But I’m glad your arrogance have prevented you from truly learning this art.

  5. out of all the comments, no one has mentioned that this is the first time Baki finds out that his dad actually takes him seriously, even before fighting his half brother

  6. Traditional Aikido doesn’t seem practical in a real fight, but I like how there are some MMA guys trying to find ways to make it “street smart,” by getting rid of flourishes, and adding more simple brutality through real punches and kicks.

  7. I see japan is still trying to rebuild its pride after the second world war. NO *sniff* OUR MARTIAL ARTISTS COULD TOTALLY BEAT YOURS! BAKA!

  8. Of course Yujiro respects Baki and takes him seriously. The dude is a Hanma, his own flesh and blood. He possess the same potential as Yujiro or even greater.

  9. finally Aikido is represented the way it should, it got turned to a cartoon , that is where martial arts masters belong since they are just cartoons of real fighters, I truly wish Bruce Lee was alive so he could get his ass kicked, that no style BS was a great excuse to never compete for a guy who was walking around 120 lbs , like a child

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