steven seagal aikido tribute

steven seagal aikido tribute

made this a while ago on my old youtube channel which doesn’t exist any more.

I do not own the rights to any of the material used. this video is only for entertainment.

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  1. The only thing more impressive in throwing and repelling so many people with such power is Benny Hinn in his evangelical healing! Youtube and google search “Benny Hinn Let The Bodies Hit the Floor” ……

  2. Son Goku becomes a Super Saiyan after a Steven Seagal teachings. I was there in mount Yuku in Seagal hause

  3. Aikido is great for when people retard charge you with their hands out of attack you with a wooden knife

  4. nice to see a video and read comments that don’t cheap shot seagal. the man is gifed, fast, talented, and deadly.

  5. But you have to admit that he can’t really do most of the stuff he does in movies like break arms and legs like they are toothpicks.cmon

  6. I studied aikido for a few months. dropped out after I realized it was bullshit. completely useless in the real world

  7. A interesting thing about Aikido is that you can be fat and do very well in Aikido. Totally different from karate, tkd, ..

  8. So he trained how many years in Japan to become a master? Easy to demonstrate technique on student, however does not prove he is master by beating student.

  9. He may have lied about things but he is one of the first American to have trained (not saying he was the only American to train in Japan by the way)and be honor to open a school and teach in Hollywood helped give him an ego and jealous of other action stars he became a dick.

  10. He discovered the forward kick and revealed it to mankind after perfecting it for 30 years. He taught it to Anderson Silva (UFC former world champ)…with it Silva defeated vitor belfore with a single front kick to the face! Before Seagull stephan mankind had never thrown a single kick in combat anger or sport…it was his discovery that opened mankind to the possibilities.

  11. On ALL accounts when he studied in Japan it was Chuck Norris that would wipe Seaguls dojo with his hairy chest every morning….van damn would wipe the dojo in the state of full splits with his genitals and Bob Wall would let Seagul crush his voice box with that ludicrous shoulder throw multiple times a day…Mohd Ali learnt rhythm off him and Bruce Lee would spar with the Seagul taking a battering daily in fact Bruce Lee died from his front kick.

  12. If there was EVER a big FAT MEAN MUTHA HEFFER MIXED MARITAL AIDS MMA genius its Stephan Seagul

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