Rick Mirandette Aikido Self Defense Techniques

Rick Mirandette Aikido Self Defense Techniques

Shot at Rick Mirandette’s school, in Kentwood, Michigan, in 1995. Rick Mirandette demonstrates two basic aikido self defense moves. Part of the Michigan Martial Arts Project. www.michiganmartialartsproject.com

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  1. Something also to consider is that Aikido is an offshoot of DaitoRyu Aikijujutsu- a very ancient art, whose curriculum has changed very little over the centuries.
    As explained by their current headmaster, Katsuyuki Kondo, a wrist grabbing defense was in response to someone trying to take something out of your hands that you were bringing to your master (kote gaeshi).
    It’s also been explained that someone may grab your wrist to prevent you from drawing your sword.
    So the historical context must also be considered in addition to the training exercises for these arts.

  2. One concern about the first defense is, Would it work if the attacker’s arms are a lot longer?  The tori would then have difficulty reaching the attacker’s chin.

    In the defense against the grab, the flow seems interrupted: the attacker stops.

  3. SIR,  What if the attacker has a longer reach that you and you are unable to extend your palm to the face area?   Thanks for your reply.

  4. Dlaczego wszyscy sparingpartnerzy w aAikido przy obaleniu wykonują przewrot?? W realu nic takiego nie będzie miało miejsc, te wszystkie demonstracje wyglądają jak cyrk

  5. Muito bom ,essa é uma defesa tranquilamente , sem violência , só na técnica ! Gostei muito mesmo!

  6. In real life, the 1st technique is not possible, because there’s no attack from uke. This 1st one can be done by someone very strong and who is going to go with strength ! The technique has to be done differently ! Let’s keep the martial part in Aikido, and not just movements done with people that we know

  7. If you haven’t done it already, hang your American flag correctly. Google It

  8. If the attacker’s arms are longer than the defender’s arms, you can break the grip with a quick double wedge separation technique then proceed with the strike to the chin and the kotegashi throw.

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  10. Great tecnique shown here. You may not need or be able to realisticly excecute the full move but the first initial movement will place you at an advantage to escape or attack directly.

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