Igor Petrovic (5 Dan Black Belt)
Dusan Mitrovic (3 Dan Black Belt)
Slavujev venac 1
11120 Beograd
Adresni kod: 145805
Telefon/fax:(381 11) 30 89 199
Slavica Babić: 063/24 29 13
CONTACT NUMBER: +99450 313 33 33
“Real Aikido Sport Club of Azerbaijan”

8 comments on “REAL AIKIDO “Masters”

  1. most of you can’t even think this fast,if you don’t think this is effective,attack one of these practioners and he will show the error of your ways,any martial art is better than no martial art,when it comes to hand to hand, talk is over

  2. Choreography is nice, but I’ve never seen one of these Aikido “masters” come out on top in a street fight or in the octagon, or in any fight, anywhere, at any time. It’s like dancing, or mud wrestling, or foreplay…

    I’d only do it with a girl.

  3. (35 years in AIKIDO) So many comments, so little wisdom. This type of practice has merit. It is more speed than finesse. It is not good for learning everything. As for AIKI in a fight or in the ring, its works great and it is used all the time – even by people who don’t study aikido. To say that no one uses aikido is like saying that no one uses karate or judo or turning or entering or shifting weight or punching or kicking. Its a ludicrous criticism made by people who don’t know what they’re talking about (but clearly think they can earn respect by hating out loud). You might as well say that fighters are not using CHI or KI in street fights and not using MISOGI in the ring. Aikido has been used in practical situations as long as it has been around. It has been taught to police and used widely by law enforcement. And despite the rather overt ego of calling themselves “REAL Aikido,” the Russians are practicing in a way that makes them happy and that they find motivating. Good for them.

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