Hapkido vs Aikido

Hapkido vs Aikido

This video was recorded on April 6th at Montrose,Colorado. This video contained Hapkido’s joint lock fundamentals, such as locking and unlocking grip control,distance control,ground control. Plus, small comparison of between Hapkido and Aikido’s technical approach. Please don’t get me wrong,I have no intention to negatively criticized on Aikido as whole.I personally respect the traditional Aikido a lot,except the Americanized style by the illegitimate wannabe instructors.
In addition,this session was not intended on the free fighting situation, please know that this session covered only a small portion of the fundamental of Hapkido’s self-defense theory and a way of controlling opponents without harm them unnecessarily. I do welcome your honest comments BUT If you are one of those YouTube troller then you don’t deserved this video and do something better for your self.


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  1. It is nice to see that Hapkido is applying some facets of tuite and understanding the principle of counter-pressure.

  2. i really would like to have a teacher like him but it is a pity that in my countrie we dont have this art, you guys have lot of luck to have this oportunity of learn

  3. I practice Aikido from a 7 dan, great master founder of the ATAGO, and I usually see people say that Aikido or hapkido are useless. they are bith lethal arts, I would love to see them against a talented hapkidoka or aikidoka

    great vid.

  4. I taught Taekwondo in South Korea while deployed as part of the Expeditionary Force for the 7th US Cavalry in ’74/’75.
    I much prefer Hapkido.

  5. Late to the party but Aikido and Hapkido are not monolithic systems and defense styles will vary among them. The techniques here are good, but even pre-World War II Aikido was more explosive than what we usually see Aikido represented as today.

  6. i studied kyokoushin for 4 yrs and im strong on legs and bleed all my opponents

  7. Hi sir, you look an expert and master in Hapkido, so I would like to ask you what is the difference between Hapkido, Hoijeon Moosool, and Kuksool Won? Thanks

  8. It’s a class. They are learning each other! is not a competition. This is a stupid fake!

  9. I prefer Hapkido over aikido because you have offensive and defensive techniques such as kicks punches strikes judo type throws and chokes arm bars wrist locks as you do in aikido not to say that aikido is rubbish by all means i have done both styles and have found Hapkido worked better for me.

  10. I personally don’t like fights. I try to avoid them. But there are circumstances when backing off is not an option. I have not learnt any martial arts but want to learn one. Based on this should I learn Aikido or Hapkido? And which one would take less time to learn but still be more effective? I only want to learn some defensive arts for self defence and protecting my friends/family.

  11. Any self-defenses is good to know, I hold a black belt in Hapkido, not once in my life had I had to use a lock on anyone while fighting. although I could have used it a few times. But it’s come in handy for stopping attackers before they start.

  12. You probably need to clarify what is an aikido expert. Somebody who wears the blackbelt and claims to be an expert isn’t exactly an expert. You’re doing your students and your school a disservice if they encounter a real aikido expert and loses the instance they make that intention to prove to an aikidoka that hapkido is better than aikido.

    I’ll pinpoint some stuff that shows why those people aren’t real experts: they’re not connected to the wrist grab, they’re not using their whole body movement and they’re basically moving around the person grabbing instead of making the person grabbing move around them.

    Kokyu is a basic taught in both aikido and daitoryu. If a person holds you using their center, you need to be centered and move from there. The hapkido guy is basically doing that while the so-called experts are just moving around him trying to do a technique.

    I hope you know how to distinguish between a real expert vs an amateur. Most experts won’t even go out and start challenging people, the universe has it’s ways of destroying our pride and ego.

  13. u need to be thin to go hapkido? bc one of my friends loves hapkido i want to ask u sir if u know

  14. At 3:20, 4:37, and 8:12 we see black belts unable to use their Aikido techniques on the Hapkido master. He emphasizes using the weight of your body instead of the strength off your arms to control the attacker. Also, his Hapkido grip is different than an Aikido grip, bending the wrists and the elbows at right angles to their natural bending direction to create reflexive pain instead of leverage.

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