Bullshit Aikido Masters vs Reality

Bullshit Aikido Masters vs Reality

It’s nice when your students collaborate, but when reality kicks … it kicks hard.
Aikido & no touch

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  1. Actually aikido worked in this first reality series. The guy in the red shirt did the aikido throw though.
    Also a lot of the fantasy footage isn’t even aikido. Just because they are wearing hakama doesn’t mean they are doing aikido.

  2. I’m actually a master in Aikido and I gurantee my techniques would work. Jiu jitsu sifus wouldn’t be able to take me down in the first place to even use their chokes or locks. I just wouldn’t be there to even allow them to grab on and take me down. Remember elusiveness is essential. I’ve fought against judo and wrestlers before and I can most definitely flip them as easy as this video demonstrate. Trust me aikido is not bullshit. It was created in the days of the samurai for combat and the only reason its not use in MMA is because the techniques are too deadly. And I even welcome any challenger at my dojo. I’ve defeated probably 30 guys already. Its no big deal tho. As I said aikido is a DEADLY art

  3. Comment Section: “Bro those Asian martial arts are all fake. MMA is the most realistic.” MMA stands for mixed martial arts. It is literally a mix of Asian, African, and South American martial arts you retards. If you say Muay Thai or Judo are fake, then praise MMA, you’re fucking retarded.

  4. Aikido a cute graceful martial ballet that is useless in a violent assault. Got it!

  5. a reverse punch to the face every one will go down no matter the martial arts

  6. if you wanna see the real Aikido fight
    you should find a REAL Aikido master
    don’t find somebody not worthy of being a Aikido practitioner

  7. It’s like watching Benny Hill, except acting on Benny Hill was top notch compared to these fucking clowns.

  8. That “No touch stuff is the WORST!
    The “Akido” before it looked better!
    Be VERY careful who you let teach you,guys!

  9. It shouldn’t be too surprising. These are highly mystical cultures that believe (buy in) to all sorts of supernatural crap. It’s also the reason eastern mysticism became so popular (trendy) in the west – merely western mystics looking for something else to buy in to.
    Martial arts do have real world value, so long as you strip away the fantasy chi and get on with hard core practice and fitness, like any other form of athleticism. There is no magic… only sweat and bruising.

  10. this little man u see was Gozo Shioda RIP Sensei! and this old Samurai would have killed u all so hard when needed! Not every nerd that does aikido is a good fighter! Im a good fighter and trained aikido Its the fuckin real deal… give me a knife a sword or just my bare nuccels i atemi the shit out of u b4 i snap your neck… no rules just destroy the enamy… but in aikido obody teaches u this,… onl y the entrence! Aikido is Alex Jones and Trump Riding a unicorn that is carryed buy Julian Assange u noobs!

  11. People who believe in this no touch crap need to pull there head from there arse hole. Everybody can be touched.

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