Aikido Basics: Ushiro Waza : Aikido Kubishime Sankyo Defense

Aikido Basics: Ushiro Waza : Aikido Kubishime Sankyo Defense

The Aikido Tekubi Tori Kubishime Sankyo wrist grab defense is a martial art that uses your opponent’s momentum to attack and drop them to the ground. Watch this free video clip and learn how to avoid and take down an opponent as they try a wrist grab.

Expert: Gary Boaz
Bio: Gary Boaz has been training in Aikido for 17 years, he is a 4th degree black belt under Fred Mastision Sensei of Aikido of Phoenix. Gary teaches Aikido, Kyusho-Jitsu, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.
Filmmaker: Dustin Daniels

22 comments on “Aikido Basics: Ushiro Waza : Aikido Kubishime Sankyo Defense

  1. just imagene you are a law enforcer and they grab your hand in order to prevent you from drawing your gun or stunt gun or peeper spray, so that is what you do, or you could do. c ya

  2. this wont work because a choke is done with two hands.

    total bollocks.

  3. Nunca a pessoa que aplica o mata-Leao irá segurar o braço do adversário… Isso é uma ilusão

  4. What if he is not holding your hands? just choking you really hard. I can’t use the sankyo if I can’t reach his hand.

  5. IT IS NOT WORKING AT ALL!!!! How about i hold my hand with the second hand? how do you defense it? ah?

  6. Classic aikido.

    This would never, ever work in any form of free sparring or a fight.

  7. these techniques are very impressive however it is hard to see how they apply on the street. where someone is likely to be aiming to punch you in the face… I would like to see material on how to defend against more conventional attacks. thank you for this instructional video.

  8. Merci, pour la démonstration. Cette saison je présente le 1er Dan.
    Attention les enfants, ces jeu là, sur le tatami avec un prof après un échauffement.

  9. but what if some guy came around the corner and was like *weeeooop hoop pewww* and then went *kish kish kooosh* then what would you do??

  10. 1:44 LOL The guy just lets go of the choke. Would love to see you do this with someone who is not your dancing partner.

  11. ive watched a video on aikido. i saw a guy explain a technique that was a grapple to the knee cap with a twisting motion. does anyone know what i could be speaking of? ive yet to find any demonstration of a knee manipulating move since seeing that video

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